Canada US Border Deaths: The accused in the death of four Indians released from prison without bond in America, was involved in human trafficking

New York: The accused in the death of four Indians due to severe cold on the Canada-US border has been released from the US court. The great thing is that he did not have to fill any bond for this release. The released man is accused of illegally bringing two Indians to the US and four Indians who died of severe cold near the Canadian border. America has been raising its voice against human trafficking all over the world, but in its own country, it has adopted a double attitude and released the accused without bond. In such a situation, the chances of the accused absconding are high. The 47-year-old accused, Steve Shand, was arrested last week. He is accused of illegally bringing people from other countries into America in violation of US law. He appeared for the first time on January 20 before District Court Magistrate Hildy Bobir of Minnesota, USA. He was ordered to be kept in custody till January 24. According to a report in the Grand Forks Herald newspaper, Shand appeared virtually on January 24 and was ordered to be released conditionally pending the case. However, he will have to remain in custody until he is sent back to Florida.

During the hearing, the accused kept saying Yes Sir, Yes Your Honor.
During the 30-minute hearing, Shand did not comment except that yes ma’am, yes your honour. During this, Judge Bobir laid down the conditions related to his bail. The newspaper said that the accused was released on the basis of the so-called production bond that he would appear before the court whenever the trial is held. The terms of release also state that Shand must submit his passport or any similar travel document or visa to the authorities. It states that he should not have any contact with any person who can be considered a witness or victim in his human trafficking case.

The accused was illegally entering the United States of America
Shand had escorted two Indians from Canada to the US without valid documents in his vehicle, but was apprehended. When both Indians and Shand were being taken to the Pembina border post, security personnel found five more Indians on their way to a gas plant in St. Vincent, Minnesota. These Indians told the agencies that they had come on foot with the hope that someone from the border area would come to pick them up. People in the group said they had been walking for more than 11 hours. One of them had a bag that was not his.

The bags of the deceased Indians were found near the accused
He had told officials that the bag he was carrying belonged to a family of four Indian nationals who had earlier accompanied his group but got separated during the night. Subsequently, on January 19, US Border Patrol officers received news from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that four bodies had been found frozen in the Canadian territory of the International Border, according to court documents. Later it was found that these bodies belonged to the same Indians who had separated from the group.

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