After the decision of the top court, the parliamentary committee received the documents related to Trump

Washington, Jan 22 (AP) The National Archives and Records Administration in the US has provided more than 700 pages of documents related to the president to a committee of the House of Representatives. These papers have been delivered to the committee after the country’s top court rejected former US President Donald Trump’s attempt to stop the release of these documents.

An official aware of this development said that the House Committee probing the riots in the US Parliament House ‘Capital’ on January 6, 2021, received these documents on Thursday evening.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the archives can share documents, including the president’s diary, visitor list, draft speech and handwritten notes dated January 6 from files of former chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Trump’s lawyers had expected the case to prolong in court and put the documents on hold.

These documents were first requested by the Commission of Inquiry in August and now they will be added to the thousands of documents that the Commission has already collected. The commission is investigating the attack by a violent mob of Trump supporters, as well as looking into what the former president and his aides were doing at the time of the attack.


Neha Simmi


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