AI Deepfakes: ‘Deepfake’ is increasing concern in AI technology, danger if fraud is not stopped! Says Microsoft President himself

AI Deepfakes: ‘Deepfake’ is increasing concern in AI technology, danger if fraud is not stopped!  Says Microsoft President himself

Microsoft President Statement: Along with the advantages are the problems. Artificial intelligence is bringing curses along with the blessings of human life. Fraud is on the rise using AI. Which raised the concern of the President of Microsoft. Artificial Intelligence: What did the Microsoft President say? Recently, Microsoft President Brad Smith said that artificial intelligence is the biggest concern today. because Deepfake is pretending to be fake. Which is not really true. Smith made these comments during a speech in Washington on how to better control AI.  

Where he said, many people are using it for bad purposes due to the arrival of chatgpt. As a result of which confusion is created among people. The company needs to do something so that it is clear to the general public which images or videos are real and which are created by AI. Action should be taken in this regard. 

Microsoft President Statement: The President of Microsoft sees the hand of foreign power behind this ‘deep fake’. According to him, powers like Russia, China and Iran are using artificial intelligence as a weapon. As a result of which common people have to suffer. If the impact of this cyber attack is not stopped immediately, there will be problems. Companies are already looking to license artificial intelligence. Smith asked to keep an eye on how AI can be stolen from one country to another.

Recently, AI has given US lawmakers sleepless nights. They want to introduce laws on how to control everything about AI. Statistics show that new small and big companies are coming up with AI technology every day. Most companies have also started practical applications to take advantage of this. Which is raising the concern of Washington.

After playing an important role in the diagnosis of heart attack and even cancer, this time AI in a new form. Recently, researchers have reported that new artificial intelligence (AI) based technology can find lost things. AI program will help the robot to find your medicine, glasses lost phone. Researchers initially want to use this technology to help people with dementia. This AI technology will help such patients find their belongings if someone forgets them.


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