Afghanistan: The situation in Afghanistan is dire, there is no food to eat, sleeping pills are being given to make the starving children sleep.

Afghanistan : Afghanistan‘s economic, social and human rights crisis is growing like a monster. On the one hand, poverty and hunger are increasing, while on the other, strict restrictions are being imposed on women. According to media reports, the situation in Afghanistan has become so bad that family members do not even have food to feed their children. Starving children are being given sleeping pills to keep them from begging for food.

Parents are selling their daughters’ kidneys.

Ever since the Taliban regime came to Afghanistan, life has become difficult for the people there. The conditions of poverty and unemployment are such that family members are giving sleeping pills to children when they are hungry. Parents are selling their daughters’ kidneys to feed hungry families. So a mother is praying to God that her child should sleep peacefully but not beg for food. Because there is no food in this country. In order to make the child sleep soundly, the mother gives sleeping medicine to her hungry child against his will. Such a frightening scene is seen in Afghanistan. Ever since the Taliban came to power in this country, the situation in this country is getting worse day by day.


State of the country after the Taliban took over
The dark day of August 15, 2021, when once again the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. From this day the life of people and especially women started to become chaotic. Afghanistan was already facing many crises and the Taliban regime worked to worsen the situation in this country. According to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), half of Afghanistan’s population is dying of malnutrition. 95 percent of the population does not have enough food to eat. More than one million children under the age of five are severely malnourished in this country.

Afghanistan struggles with hunger
Already facing an economic crisis, international aid has also been completely cut off since the fall of the Taliban regime. According to Human Rights Watch experts, since August 15, 2021, the lives of Afghans have become hell. The country is facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. People are dying of hunger.

What does the Taliban say?

About the current situation, said Hamidullah Motawakil, spokesman for the Taliban’s provincial government in Herat. "International sanctions on Afghanistan and freezing of Afghan assets. The Taliban are trying to create jobs. We want to start iron mines and gas pipeline projects.


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