Afghanistan Malnutrition: Closed Foreign Financial and Medical Aid, Extreme Malnutrition Deaths Afghan Children

New Delhi: The state of health care in Afghanistan has long been deplorable. & nbsp; For the last two decades, this critical service has relied entirely on foreign grants. But after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, that flow of aid has virtually dried up. As a result, health services in Afghanistan have become virtually non-existent. Newborns in Afghanistan are dying due to lack of treatment. Many children are suffering from severe malnutrition. Because, foreign financial aid and medical & nbsp; assistance has stopped. The United States alone has frozen 9.5 million in aid. At the same time, financial support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank has also stopped. This has been reported in the news published in the media.

Media reports highlight the plight of Afghanistan’s healthcare system. Kabul Government Hospital Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul is crowded with sick children. Crowds of sick children have flooded the three wards here. Not enough room, bed. More than one child has to be kept in one bed or incubator bed. & nbsp; Helpless mothers are forced to breastfeed their sick children while sitting on the floor. & nbsp; He has been working in this hospital for the last 28 years. Doctor Nurul Haque said the hospital has 360 beds. But every day more than 500 patients are coming. And if the necessary medicines are not available, then it is the responsibility to keep the sick children alive. That is the reality. & Nbsp;

In this hospital especially newborns are treated. At the same time, people up to 14 years of age are also treated here. According to media reports, a large proportion of those admitted to the hospital are severely malnourished. & nbsp;

Nurul Haque says, the number of malnourished patients is increasing. And now many people are being admitted with measles. Because, the vaccination program has become obsolete. But the biggest & nbsp; catastrophe is poverty. Without adequate food, the immune system will weaken. The state of the economy is getting worse day by day. And as a result, children are at a disadvantage. & Nbsp;

Most of the humanitarian aid is not returning. The economy has collapsed. According to the United Nations, about 600,000 people in war-torn Afghanistan are facing virtually famine-like conditions. & Nbsp;

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