39 Palestinians seeking asylum stranded at an airport in Barcelona in Spain

Madrid, Nov 19 (AP) 39 Palestinian refugees leaving for South America from Cairo have been waiting at an airport in Barcelona with requests for asylum in Spain for the past five days. They landed at the plane’s stay in Barcelona. Spanish officials gave this information.

A spokesman for the Spanish Interior Ministry said that the police are investigating the special flight that arrived in Barcelona on Monday (with these people).

The flight departing from Cairo had its destination in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, with Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona, ​​and Colombia’s Bogota.

The spokeswoman for the Spanish government delegation in Catalonia, Spain, said the Palestinians had landed at El Prat airport (airport in Barcelona) on Monday and then refused to board the plane for the onward scheduled journey.

The spokesman said that since then they are in the police station at the airport and they are being provided with food and other assistance.

The official said the administration is looking into their request for asylum and that the group has not been arrested and they are “free to continue their journey”.


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