27 fighter planes of China again crossed the border, angry Taiwan also sent ‘destroyers’

27 Chinese fighter jets have once again infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace. After which the enraged Taiwan sent its fighter planes to drive out these intruders. On Sunday itself, Chinese President Xi Jinping met top generals of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The recent incursion by Chinese fighter jets is being linked to rising tensions in the Gulf of Taiwan.

27 planes infiltrated Taiwan
Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said 27 Chinese planes entered its air defense buffer zone on Sunday. Responding to this action of China, we also sent our fighter planes and warned the Chinese planes. The ministry said that 18 fighters, five H-6 bombers and a refueling Y-20 were among those who entered the airspace.

China is training to fly long distance planes
According to information shared by Taiwan, Chinese aircraft entered its air defense area near the southern part of Taiwan and flew over the Pacific Ocean before returning to China. During this he went to the Bashi Channel in the south of Taiwan. This channel separates Taiwan from the Philippines. It has even been claimed that Chinese fighter jets also did aerial refueling during long-distance flight.

China’s H-6K strategic bomber is dangerous
China’s H-6K aircraft is extremely dangerous. This aircraft is also capable of carrying out nuclear strikes. It is designed to carry everything from fast-flying drones to anti-ship missiles. This aircraft is also capable of firing cruise missiles. China has also developed an improved version of this bomber aircraft, the H-6N. The H-6K is based on the Soviet Union’s Tu-16 bomber. China is now making air-launched hypersonic missiles for its H-6N aircraft.

Aircraft Carrier Killer H-6 Bomber
China has made several fundamental changes to the H-6N strategic bombers apart from new avionics and weapons. In this, the number of crew has been reduced from five to three. Apart from this, an ejection seat has also been installed for these pilots. Due to which these pilots can eject safely during the crash of the plane. The world’s largest air-launched missile can be fired from this huge bomber. Aircraft carriers are believed to be the biggest victims of this missile. In China, this missile is known as Carrier Killer.

This Chinese plane infiltrated the most
According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, the Y-8 anti-submarine plane has been the most frequently involved in infiltrating Chinese ships. These aircraft specialize in tracking above-surface and underwater movements in the ocean. However, America has many such submarines, which cannot be detected by any anti-submarine warfare system of China. On Sunday morning also a Chinese plane had infiltrated into Taiwan.


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