1st Covid 19 Case: New study on the birth of the corona .. The first Covid case is there!

Corona pandemic year to come & nbsp; As of yet there are no exact details on the origin of the virus. However, the world, including India, strongly believes that the corona originated in Wuhan, China. Recently, however, another study revealed some interesting facts. The study cites the first case of a corona being traded at an animal market in Wuhan.

Which is true?

Some argue that it came from. Others are said to have been artificially created in the Virology Lab in Wuhan. Details of a study to tell the truth about these have been published in the popular journal Science Magazine.

However, a joint study by China and the World Health Organization (WHO) found that the Kovid 19 virus was not made in a laboratory. The study found that it was naturally transmitted to humans, with a large percentage coming from animal meat outlets.

Four weeks .. < / p>

The WHO Expert Committee, along with Chinese scientists, spent four weeks researching the city of Wuhan. The committee concluded that the corona virus had spread from bats to other animals and then to humans. However, further study is needed. The report was submitted in March 2021.

The first case is not Adi. An accountant was diagnosed with the same first corona case when he went to the hospital several days after he developed corona symptoms. Michel Warrobe, head of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, said: The study found that the seed trader had these symptoms on December 11.

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