Vadodara murder case: Tejas Patel killed both of them and waited for hours to see if they were alive.


  • Eventually, accused Tejas Patel confessed to killing his daughter and wife
  • According to the plan, Tejas gave Shobhana and Kavya ice cream to eat
  • He watched them continuously for an hour after his daughter and wife died
  • Assuming he would no longer live an hour later, he told the family that the two did not speak

Vadodara: After Hina Pethani, Tejas Padel, a son-in-law, has been arrested in Vadodara in connection with the murder of his wife Shobhana (36) and daughter Kavya. The accused had tried to fool the police and the family after killing his daughter and wife but the theft of the accused was caught on the basis of police interrogation and medical test of the bodies. When the accused was brought by the police today, he started crying for his sins.

There have been some important revelations during the police investigation in this case. Vadodara police has held a press conference on the murder case. The accused Tejas Patel has confessed to killing his wife and daughter, police said. The motive behind the killing turned out to be a house commotion. Husband and wife have been quarreling at home for the last 6 months over minor matters.

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Giving information about the chronology of the case, the police said that wife Shobhana and daughter Kavya came home to sleep after playing garba on Sunday night. Meanwhile, accused Tejas Patel had bought ice cream as per his earlier plan. Tejas mixed poison in this ice cream. As soon as Shobhana and Kavya came playing Garba, Tejas gave them ice cream to eat.

Around one o’clock in the night, Tejas said that he was feeling uneasy with his wife Shobha, after which he sat on his wife and strangled her to death. The accused then strangled his daughter to death with the help of a pillow. After killing his wife and daughter, Tejas Patel sat there for an hour to see if they were both dead.

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Tejas Patel, the son-in-law of the house, informed the in-laws after confirming that his wife and daughter had stopped breathing after an hour-long observation. Acting in front of the family after the murder, Tejas said that Kavya and Shobha were not responding. Went to say so. After this, the police started interrogating Tejas Patel on the basis of suspicion, which was later reflected in the post-mortem reports. After this, Tejas has confessed to the crime he committed before the police. The police will now present the accused in court and take further action including remand.


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