Vadodara mother-daughter murder case: Accused Tejas Patel strangled his wife and daughter to death


  • Tejas Patel, who was acting on the death of his daughter and wife, was the killer
  • Tejas Patel strangled both his daughter and his wife to death
  • Why did accused Tejas Patel kill his wife and daughter?

Vadodara: While the police are investigating the murder case of Mehndi alias Heena Pethani, a shocking revelation has come out that a mother-daughter was found dead in a house in Sama area of ​​Vadodara on October 11. It has been revealed that the husband killed his wife and daughter. Police have registered two murder cases against accused Tejas Patel in the case.

The ongoing probe into the suspicious deaths of 36-year-old mother Shobhana and 6-year-old daughter Kavya has come to light. He will now be questioned as to why Tejas Patel killed his daughter and wife. Apart from this, the accused will be produced in court and remand will be sought for further questioning.

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Importantly, after the October 11 incident, the police detained Tejas Patel on suspicion and started interrogation. There have been some shocking revelations. Tejas Patel’s family was pretending that his daughter Kavya and wife Shobhana had died under mysterious circumstances, while accused Tejas Patel was pretending to the police that everything had happened naturally. The accused also took his daughter and wife to a private hospital for examination after the incident, in which doctors declared them both dead.

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In this case, the police conducted postmortem of the bodies of Shobhana and Kavya in which traces of poison were found from the bodies of both. Tejas, who was later nabbed by the police on suspicion, was further questioned and is being interrogated. What happened and how it was revealed will be revealed in a press conference by Vadodara police this afternoon.

A 36-year-old mother and her 6-year-old daughter were playing Garba on Sunday night in Sama area of ​​Vadodara and were found dead in a suspicious condition in the morning. Police then launched an investigation and interrogated Tejas Patel on suspicion.


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