The woman, who fought against Corona for 6 months, was welcomed back home by her family


  • The woman was in critical condition after returning from her father’s funeral in April
  • He was rushed to a hospital on May 1 as his oxygen level dropped
  • The woman was discharged on Friday due to lack of oxygen

Sachin Sharma, Vadodara: It took 202 days (6 months) for a 45-year-old woman to beat Kovid-19 and return to her family in Dahod long after being admitted to hospital. He underwent treatment in Dahod and Vadodara, was discharged from the hospital as he needed less oxygen and his condition improved.

Gita Dharmik, who lost her father in April, went to Bhopal on April 23 for her funeral. After returning from there on April 25, Gita’s health deteriorated and this was the beginning of a long journey with her illness.

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Geeta Dharmik’s husband Trilok Dharmik, who is a railway employee, said that Geeta was home quarantined and gave her samples for RT-PCR. However, on May 1, his oxygen level dropped and he developed a fever, after which he was rushed to Dahod Railway Hospital. “It was clear in the report that he had a corona infection,” Trilok said.

Gita was in good health for the first three days, but fell ill on May 5 and was admitted to a private hospital in Vadodara on May 7, where she was kept till May 23. “We decided to shift him to Dahod again because he only needed oxygen and all the other treatments were done,” Trilok added.

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Geeta was again brought to Dahod Railway Hospital. Where they were kept on a ventilator for two months and later on a BiPAP machine for a month. Even then, they needed more oxygen. “About a month ago, Gita’s oxygen needs dropped significantly, she needed only 1 to 1.5 kg of oxygen,” Trilok said. “She was OK. The doctor decided to discharge him on Friday, “he said.

Gita still needs oxygen support, but she can stay away from it for 10 to 15 minutes. ‘We can now manage with an oxygen concentrator. A cylinder is kept at our house ‘, said Trilok. He added that Gita’s lungs had not fully recovered and that over time he might not need oxygen support.

During Gita Dharmik’s fight against Korona, sometimes the doctor even said that now we have nothing in our hands. Yet Gita defeated Corona with a strong morale and was greeted by family members when they reached home. Not only that, the family members also thanked the hospital staff for feeding them sweets. Emotional scenes were created during this.


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