Kheda: Firefighters and burglars were nabbed from 23 cemeteries


  • In Balasinor district, a gang of thieves terrorized, police nabbed 6 accused
  • The gang stole fireplaces from 23 cemeteries and then sold them
  • Police are still hoping that the investigation will resolve a number of crimes

Cultivated Theft and burglary incidents were increasing day by day in the district. After which the police became vigilant. Police rounded up the burglary and burglary gang. In which Balasinor police had great success. Police formed separate teams and set up a watch. The Balasinor police then rushed the gang to the jail.

According to the report received, Balasinor police had received information that some persons were coming in a rickshaw at night to steal. Based on the information, Balasinor police had formed various teams and set up a watch. Police conducted a check of oncoming vehicles. One of the rickshaws was stopped by the police. In which a total of 6 persons were seated. After which the police investigated the rickshaw and these persons. Police found lock-breaking tools, hammers, grips, iron angles, etc. after investigation.
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The police conducted a rigorous interrogation of the persons. It was revealed that the accused had committed several offenses of theft and burglary. The police investigation revealed that all these persons are residents of Kheda. The accused confessed that they committed theft and burglary in Balasinor, 10 in Kothamba, 2 in Kapadvanj, 1 in Malpur, 1 in Byad and Lunawada.

13 burglaries and burglary
When the police interrogated these persons, it was found that the gang used to do Reiki before going for burglary or burglary. On the day of the theft, all the accused were leaving in a rickshaw. One of the men identified himself as a homeguard. Who currently drives a rickshaw and previously worked as a homeguard. They later committed theft. According to police, the gang has been involved in burglary and burglary in Balasinor for some time. So far, the gang has committed 18 thefts and burglaries. They carried out the theft in villages including Sathba, Dakor, Kapadvanj, Dahegam.
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Theft of curry fireplaces in 23 cemeteries
The gang also targeted 23 cemeteries, according to police. The gang stole fireplaces from 23 cemeteries. They used to sell iron stoves stolen from here. Police believe that the gang is very large and the police investigation can still solve many crimes. Apart from 23 cemeteries, the gang has committed 13 thefts and burglaries. Police are currently conducting further investigations.

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