In order to buy cheap gold in Mahudha, the trader has to pay Rs. 10.50 lakh lost


  • A trader living in Surat was so deceived by the temptation to buy cheap gold
  • First giving real gold biscuits and then committing fraud
  • 10.50 deceived by asking trader to give cheap gold biscuits

Nadiad: There is a saying in Gujarati that where there is greed, cheaters do not starve. A similar case has come up from Mahudha in Nadiad. In order to get cheap gold here, three persons from Sastapur and two other persons together committed fraud of a total of Rs 10.50 lakh from a trader in Surat. The trader lodged a complaint at the Mahudha police station and the police have registered a case and taken further action.

The details of the incident are as follows: Gaitambhai Zariwala from all over the world lives in Katar village of Surat. They run AC’s show room in Bhavanivad Haripura area of ​​Surat. Sanjeev alias Lala Khadepav, who lives in the Ashwamegh-2 apartment next to the Ambikaniketan temple in the Parle Point area, is a regular customer of the showroom. During the lockdown, Vishwavarbhan and a man working at his showroom both went to his friend’s house.

Where his friend said, a man in Sastapur village of Mahudha has the gold of the time of ancestors. It offers 10-15 percent cheaper than the market price. Which is very profitable if sold in the market. The whole world was caught up in this. That is why on 4th August 2020, Vishwavarbhan, his co-worker and Sanjeev and his partner went to Mahudha in a car to verify the gold. Arriving here, he met Saukat Malek and Mahesh Patel, who were giving cheap gold.
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They had brought a 100 gram gold biscuit at that time. Being genuine gold, it was bought by people from all over the world and those who came with them. After which he was given a token of Rs. 50,000 for a gold biscuit. They later left. A few days later, Sanjeev told Vishwavarbhar that Sokatbhai had a gold biscuit ready for him to pick up. Vishwavarbhan and his men later arrived on August 12, 2020 to collect the gold.

At that time, they took Rs 10 lakh for gold. At that time, Sokatbhai asked Mahesh to go for a gold biscuit. The swindlers said, “If you give us Rs 10 lakh, we have gold biscuits.” After that they took Rs 10 lakh and fled. They waited until late in the evening but did not return. So the switch was coming from contacting on his mobile. That is why Sanjeev who came with him consoled the whole world that I will give the money or gold given by you. Saying this, they left for Surat.
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After a while, Sanjeev said that he had come in contact with Mahudha’s Sokat and asked for more money from Vishwavarbhar. There were rumors all over the world to get back the money given earlier. The latter came to Sastapur village of Mahudha on 18th August. At that time, Sony did not bring the whole world with him. Sokat was not present at the time and said that Siraj, who lives here, would give him gold biscuits. Then he raised his hands. That is why he realized that he had been deceived all over the world. They later lodged a complaint against Sanjeev alias Lalo Khadepav, Prayas Chhapghar, Surat resident, Mahesh Patel, Siraj and Sokat at the Mahudha police station.

Fake gold biscuits were thrown
When Vishwabharbhan met Siraj he was given 2 gold biscuits. However, Prayesh, who was accompanied by Vishwavarbhan, took the biscuits without verifying the gold. When Nadiad verified this gold biscuit, it was found to be fake. After calling Siraj and Sokat, their mobiles were switched off. Sanjeev alias Lala, who was in the middle of the purchase, said, “I will give the money.” But in the end he lost his temper and it was the turn of the merchant worldwide to lose money.

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