Gangrape-Suicide case: FSL report reveals that young woman was not raped


  • Gangrape in Vadodara and the body of a young woman was found from a train coach at Valsad railway station
  • In this case, the FSL report made a shocking revelation, a big blast that no misdemeanor was committed.
  • The accused in the gangrape and suicide case are still out of police custody

Vadodara: The city was hit by an incident of gangrape with an 18-year-old girl on November 3. After the incident, the body of a young woman was found in the coach of Gujarat Queen Express train at Valsad railway station in an alleged suicide condition. The case has caused a stir in the state police. That’s when a shocking revelation came out in the FSL report. The FSL report from Gandhinagar revealed that the victim was not raped. However, at present this FSL report has been handed over to the Railway Police.

Big bang in FSL report
In this case of gangrape in Vadodara and then in Valsad train, new cases are coming up day by day. Now, the FSL report from Gandhinagar has revealed that the victim from Navsari was not raped. Importantly, after the gangrape in Vadodara, the allegedly suicidal body of a young woman was found from the coach of a railway train in Valsad. The FSL report has been handed over to the Railway Police. Another important point is that marks of injury were also found on the body of the girl.
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The revelation came during the SIT’s investigation
After the gangrape of a Navsari girl in Vadodara, her body was found from the coach of Gujarat Queen at Valsad railway station. Police then sent the victim’s body for an autopsy. Whose postmortem report has also come. The postmortem report revealed that the girl had died of asphyxiation. Apart from this, the investigation of Railway Police and SIT revealed that the girl was raped. Police later found the girl’s bicycle. However, the accused in this case are still out of police custody.

The victim’s family had made representations to the Home Minister
The victim’s family also met Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi at the Circuit House. The victim’s family approached them and presented them for justice. According to the victim’s family, the accused have not been arrested even though a month has passed since the shocking incident. Not only was the girl doing an internship at the Oasis Institute in Vadodara, no action was taken against the institute. Harsh Sanghvi then assured that the victim’s family would get justice.
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Serious allegation of the victim’s family
The girl was gang-raped at the Vaccine Ground in Vadodara. According to the parents of the victim, the main intention of the accused at the vaccine ground in Vadodara was not murder but murder. The victim’s family also alleged that their daughter may have noticed that something was wrong with the Oasis organization. So that the intention would be to kill him. Importantly, the victim’s diary revealed that she had been raped. The matter is still under police investigation.

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