Exclusive: Preparation to abolish transfer rights of teachers by making rules in place of Transfer Act

Exclusive: Preparation to abolish transfer rights of teachers by making rules in place of Transfer Act


In the Uttarakhand Education Department, there is a preparation to abolish the right of transfer of teachers by making rules for transfer of teachers in place of the Act. The draft of the rules being made on the lines of Haryana is to be kept with the committee of secretaries by the government, it is clearly written that transfer of teachers will not be considered as a right. According to teachers’ organizations, instead of making rules, the government should make necessary amendments in the Transfer Act itself.

Transparent transfers in the education department have remained a challenge for the governments since the formation of the state. Many types of questions have been raised on the government regarding arbitrary transfers. This was the reason why the government abolished the transfer policy made in the year 2012 for the transfer of teachers and enacted the Transfer Act in the year 2017. Which was implemented from the year 2018 for all the departments along with the education department, but the government is going to make rules again.

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In the draft prepared by the department, the schools have been divided into two regions (mountainous and plains) for transfer of teachers. It has been clarified in the draft that online process will be adopted for transfers. In which compulsory transfers will be done on the vacant posts available in the order of preference on the basis of coefficients of teachers. Whereas on the basis of request special category teachers will be transferred.

According to the State President of Junior High School Teachers Union, Raghuveer Pundir, there is hope of transfer of schools from remote to accessible areas through the Act. If rules are made in place of the Act, then only the favorite teachers who are orbiting the officers and ministers will be able to get transferred to convenient schools. According to the outgoing state president of the State Teachers Association, KK Dimri, the rules are no more than the Transfer Act. The act which till now the government was telling its achievement, is going to end it today.

Education department is the biggest department, rules are being made in the department for transparent transfers. Its proposal will be brought in the cabinet. The teachers are happy with its formation. This will result in their online transfers.


– Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, Education Minister

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