Will RK Vishwakarma remain intact or will new contenders come? The round of discussion started again on the chair of DGP in UP

Will RK Vishwakarma remain intact or will new contenders come?  The round of discussion started again on the chair of DGP in UP
Lucknow: Will RK Vishwakarma continue as the DGP of Uttar Pradesh? Discussions regarding the chair of the chief of the UP police have intensified once again. Actually, the retirement of acting DGP Dr. RK Vishwakarma is on 31 May. Will his posting be carried forward as a permanent DGP or a service extension of three months or will new contenders emerge for this chair? This discussion is holding strong from the department to the corridors of power. The action taken by the UP Police during the tenure of RK Vishwakarma is being discussed. Be it action against the accused in Umesh Pal case or research in the cases of other mafias, the UP Police has shown speed.

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Factor in favor of acting DGP

Discussions will be stopped only after the decision for the government by May 31, but the developments and circumstances are currently mostly in favor of Dr. RK Vishwakarma. In fact, the way the Yogi government chose Dr. RK Vishwakarma as the acting DGP after the retirement of acting DGP Dr. DS Chauhan, even after two months left for retirement, it seems that his innings will continue because Apart from Dr. Vishwakarma, the government had the names of three such officers as options, whose tenure was one year or more. But the government sidelined him and chose Dr. RK Vishwakarma.

Umesh Pal, who became a challenge for the UP police after RK Vishwakarma took over the chair, and Asad, son of five lakh prize money wanted mafia Atiq Ahmed and shooter Ghulam, were killed in an encounter for the murder of two soldiers. Apart from this, two notorious Aditya Rana and Anil Dujana of West UP were also killed in the encounter. The municipal elections in the entire state were conducted in a very peaceful manner. Mafia Mukhtar Ansari and his elder brother MP Afzal Ansari were sentenced.

Apart from this, there is a lot of buzz in the department about the way Dr. Vishwakarma has included technology in policing. Apart from this, his being OBC is also such a factor, which can be considered in his favor from the point of view of UP’s vote bank politics in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Vijay Kumar and Anand Kumar will be the contenders

On the other hand, if the government does not give extension of service to Acting DGP Dr. RK Vishwakarma, then Anand Kumar and Vijay Kumar of 1988 batch will be important contenders for this chair. Although the name of former DGP Mukul Goyal is at the top of this list, but there is doubt whether the government will give him a second chance. According to sources, a former officer had lobbied strongly to make Vijay Kumar the DGP, but at the last moment, Dr. RK Vishwakarma got a chance. However, during this period Vijay Kumar was additionally given the important responsibility of Director of Vigilance along with DG CB CID.

Before Vijay Kumar, the acting DGP Dr. DS Chauhan was handling this post. This shows that Vijay Kumar’s count remains among the officers of choice. On the other hand, Anand Kumar was removed from the jail department and sent to the post of DG Co-operative Cell, due to which his claim has weakened during that time but he still remains in the race. Anand Kumar’s retirement is in April 2024 while Vijay Kumar’s is in January 2024.

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