Umesh Pal Murder: Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf will come again to Prayagraj? Police will get remand in Umesh Pal murder case!

Shivpujan Singh, Prayagraj: Police may get remand for questioning of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf, the main accused in the famous Umesh Pal murder case in Prayagraj. Bahubali mafia Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf will be brought to Prayagraj once again. Warrant-B issued by CJM Allahabad in the Umesh Pal murder case has been sent to the Sabarmati Jail and Bareilly Jail Administration by Tamil Vivek. Atiq Ahmed, who is lodged in Sabarmati Jail, and Khalid Azim alias Ashraf, who is lodged in Bareilly Jail, have been informed about this.

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Arrangements were made in Central Jail Naini

The arrangements of Central Jail Naini in Prayagraj have been revamped. Along with the posting of the new Jail Superintendent, the Police Commissioner and the District Magistrate have given special focus on the jail. Last week, surprise inspections were carried out twice last week along with security arrangements, every nook and corner of the jail was also searched. The police will now keep a constant vigil outside the jail. For this, separate CCTV cameras have been installed.

Atiq and Ashraf will remain in Central Jail Naini

Prayagraj Police Commissioner and District Magistrate and Central Jail Naini Administration have made complete preparations for this. If Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf are brought to Prayagraj under Warrant B issued by the court, then both can be safely isolated in separate barracks even after being presented in court and remanded in police custody.

Government reached Supreme Court

The Uttar Pradesh government has also gone to the Supreme Court for permission to bring Atiq Ahmed from Sabarmati Jail to Prayagraj Central Jail Naini. Because Atiq Ahmed was shifted to Sabarmati Jail on the orders of the Supreme Court. Probably the government has got the consent of the Supreme Court.

Will have to do a journey full of thorns again

Bahubali mafia of Purvanchal Atiq Ahmed Sabarmati to Prayagraj and Ashraf Bareilly to Prayagraj can be taken out again on the prison journey. Prayagraj police can reach Sabarmati Jail anytime this week. For Ateeq Ahmed, suddenly coming back to Prayagraj will be a very difficult journey. The same fear of death may again dominate Ateeq Ahmed. Escaping from which he safely reached Prayagraj’s Central Jail Naini. At the same time, the concern of Ashraf’s wife and other family members has increased.

relief from court

The CJM Court ordered the investigator of the Umesh Pal murder case to ensure that Warrant B is served on the accused Ashraf and bring him from the Central Jail / District Jail Bareilly under his custody with full security. Security personnel engaged in the security of Ashraf Be equipped with a body warming camera. Not only this, technical testing should also be done at every 400 kms of the vehicle by which the accused is to be brought. The CJM court also said in the order that the police along with the accused Khalid Azim alias Ashraf should not be subjected to inhuman treatment or any kind of torture while bringing him from Bareilly Jail to Prayagraj.

Atiq was most feared in 44 years of criminal life

By the way, Atiq Ahmed was as scared as he was on his journey from Sabarmati to Prayagraj with the Prayagraj police on March 26-27. Probably never would have happened that much in 44 years of criminal life. Those who were not ready to sit in the prison van of the police were made to board the van with great difficulty by the police officers. The fear of death kept haunting him the whole night. Whenever the van was too fast or too slow, he used to shout and ask the reason.

Difficulty will increase for Atiq Ahmed, Asraf and their accomplices

If the Prayagraj police gets Asraf’s custody remand on Saturday, then he will be interrogated thoroughly. Many evidences related to the Umesh Pal murder case and information about the hiding of the accused can be found. Along with this, it is okay that the police can get information and evidence about the recovered 74 lakh rupees and 10 weapons in the offices of Atiq and Asraf.

CBI is also tightening its grip

On the orders of the Supreme Court, the CBI has filed a charge sheet after investigating the Rajupal murder case. The testimony in the CBI Court Lucknow is also almost at the final stage. The verdict in Rajupal’s murder case is expected soon. At the same time, after the Umesh Pal murder case, the state government has started vigorously pursuing the cases filed against Atiq. ADG Prosecution Ashutosh Pandey himself is closely monitoring every case. In such a situation, the difficulties of Atiq Ahmed and his henchmen will continue to increase.

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