The Mayawati who once demolished the office of Bahubali Atique Ahmed, today the BSP flag is hoisting on the same broken building

The Mayawati who once demolished the office of Bahubali Atique Ahmed, today the BSP flag is hoisting on the same broken building
Shivpujan Singh, Prayagraj: A strange game of enmity and friendship goes on in political maneuvers. It is very difficult to tell when the political players-leader duo will get painted in whose colour. Sometimes Janata Janardan also gets to see some strange scenes of color mood instead of Netaji. A similar scene is being seen nowadays at Atiq Ahmed’s office in front of Chakia Karbala in Prayagraj.

The BSP whose bulldozer razed the huge 2 storey office of Atiq Ahmed, is hoisting the flag of the same BSP party. There is a big banner of Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shahista Parveen along with BSP supremo Mayawati. When the eyes of the people passing by the broken office of Ateeq Ahmed go to the flag banner, a question definitely arises in their mind that who had broken this luxurious office.
Agreement, property, possession, double cross… Why was Atiq Ahmed angry with Umesh Pal? After all, what was the reason behind the incident?
Atiq was a very close warlord of Mulayam
Former MP Atiq Ahmed, who was once very close to Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, was an ally in the guest house scandal in Lucknow on June 2, 1996, to save the SP party, due to which when the BSP government was formed, Atiq Ahmed’s magnificent office But the bulldozer went on. The same Atiq Ahmed’s wife is now involved in BSP. The BSP flag fluttered on top of the dilapidated office.

Joined BSP in January 2023
When Atiq Ahmed’s wife and their three sons took membership of BSP at the BSP worker’s convention held at Alopibagh, Prayagraj on January 5, 2023, she said from the stage that my husband’s closeness with the Samajwadi Party never let us learn discipline. We will follow the guidelines of BSP and take advice from senior leaders. My husband always respected Dalits and wanted to join BSP, but some leaders kept him away. He further said that his sons will stand with sticks to protect the Dalits, backward and weak.
Umesh Pal Murder: Preparation for one and a half month, Reiki 4 times, meeting Atiq’s brother in jail… But the timing was huge!
hit his own foot with an ax
Political analysts say that even though BSP supremo Mayawati has declared Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen as the mayoral candidate from Prayagraj. But the ghastly Umesh Pal murder case on February 24 put an end to the political flight of Atiq Ahmed and his wife Shahista Parveen. Knowingly or unknowingly, he has hit the ax on his own foot.

Lesson not learned even from the Raju Pal murder case
Bahubali mafia Atiq Ahmed was the main accused in the murder of the then BSP MLA Rajupal in broad daylight on January 25, 2005. His political graph started falling from the same massacre. But he did not learn a lesson from this incident. On the same lines, on 24 February 2023, Umesh Pal was also murdered. In this also Atiq Ahmed is the main accused.
160 cases registered against Atiq Ahmed and family, will CM Yogi’s police really mix the mafia in the soil!
BSP did the defense
However, the BSP supremo has not expelled Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen and their sons from the party. While Shaista Parveen and her son Umesh Pal are named accused in the murder case. Police is searching for them.

Left AIMIM in 16 months only
Please tell that after leaving SP, Atiq Ahmed’s family joined All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen-AIMIM. Shaista Parveen and her son Mohammad Ali also attended a big public meeting of party chief Asaduddin Owaisi in Prayagraj. There was talk of Shaista Parveen contesting the state assembly elections on an AIMIM ticket. But later he changed his mind. After 16 months he joined BSP.

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