The bravery of the UP police, which used to scare criminals, why encounter specialist Avinash Mishra was in headlines

The bravery of the UP police, which used to scare criminals, why encounter specialist Avinash Mishra was in headlines
Abhay Singh, Lucknow: Political parties are baking their bread for the criminals killed in police encounter in Uttar Pradesh. The ruling party is claiming the law and order situation to be better by releasing the encounter figures, while the opposition is raising questions on the encounter. But it is not that these encounters took place during the tenure of this government only for 6 years. Even before this, the bravehearts of the UP Police have mixed big criminals into the mud. One of these names is that of notorious criminal Mr. Prakash Jaiswal. For whose encounter STF was formed. On the other hand, now you will be able to see the story of brave Inspector Avinash Mishra (Avinash Mishra encounter specialist), who killed dozens of dreaded criminals like Mr. Prakash Jaiswal. Actor Randeep Hooda is playing the role of Avinash Mishra in the web series named ‘Inspector Avinash’. At the same time, all the actors including actress Urvashi Rautela are working on this web series.

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Web series made on the life of Avinash Mishra

In fact, the web series film ‘Inspector Avinash’, directed by director Neeraj Pathak, is based on a true incident. In this web series, the bravery and strategy of dealing with criminals of Avinash Mishra, who was an encounter specialist of Uttar Pradesh Police during his time, has been shown on the film screen. In the decade of the 1990s, the name of Avinash Mishra, who was especially famous for his bravery, used to scare criminals. Whereas Avinash Mishra told that he has not done any scene in the film. He said what to do with the work which I cannot do. For the first time in his life, he is facing the media, before that he never came in front of the media.

Encountered around 150 including Mr. Prakash

While talking to NBT Online, Avinash Mishra said that web series has been made, it looks very good. If a film is made on someone, one must feel proud. Avinash Mishra told that in his career, he has encountered about 150 criminals including dreaded criminals like Mr. Prakash Shukla, Encounter in Calcutta, Sattu Pandey, Sachin Pahadi, Awadhesh Shukla, Ashok Singh, Mahendra Fauji, Nirbhay Gurjar, Hasan Pudia. In Calcutta, 4 criminals of Bablu Srivastava gang were killed while 2 were injured. There was also a face-to-face encounter with Munna Bajrangi in which he and his companion were shot, later Munna Bajrangi came alive. At the same time, he told that STF was formed for the encounter of Mr. Prakash Shukla, Avinash Mishra is also the founder member of STF.

When Shri Prakash Shukla got out of the hands of STF

Avinash Mishra told from the window of memories an anecdote related to Mr. Prakash Shukla around 1998, in which he could not catch him even after coming face to face. He told that Shri Prakash Shukla’s location was found when he had gone to Nepal with Tewatiya ji of STF, there we had a face-to-face encounter with Shri Prakash’s gang. Then the Nepal Police came in the middle and he had left from there. He said that this was a case when we could not do anything.

Honored for the encounter of Mr. Prakash Shukla

On the other hand, regarding the encounter of Shri Prakash Shukla, Avinash Mishra said that preparations were going on for years, but on the day of the encounter suddenly an input was received, on which he was killed while taking action. He told that about 15 rounds of firing took place, out of which 3-4 bullets hit Mr. Prakash and two-three bullets hit other people. Avinash told that once we left, we were always ready. In the encounter of Mr. Prakash Shukla, 5 people including Rajesh Pandey, Avinash Mishra were from STF, commandos were also with them during the encounter, as well as 2-3 officers from Special Cell had come from Delhi. The STF team also got the President’s Medal for this encounter. In which Avinash Mishra was also honored.

Stubbornly decided to go to the police

Avinash Mishra, a native of Hamirpur district, said that the post of Sub Inspector was recruited in 1982 while in 2019 he retired from the rank of Deputy SP. After training, the first deployment was in Meerut, after that, after the formation of STF, he remained employed in STF till 2009. After that he has served in ATS till 2018-19. Presently Avinash Mishra lives in Lucknow. He told that I had done post graduation from Physical Education, my line was second but some such incidents happened which felt that I should go to the police. He told that his father was a freedom fighter, he did not like it but with his stubbornness decided to join the police. Since then the passion was to deal with criminals. On the other hand, Avinash tells that there was never such a thing as fear. Had there been fear, they would not have been able to do so many encounters. He told that he was recruited in the police only for this purpose.

3 criminals killed within a year in first posting

At the same time, Avinash Mishra says on the politics happening on the encounter in the present time, when politics gets involved then such things happen. Encounters have always been happening, earlier also there were good officers and now also there are good officers. Police officers are doing their job. We also used to do encounters, even now a good work is being done. Along with this, he said that there was never any kind of pressure on me nor have I ever worked under pressure. Avinash told that the encounter had started after the first posting, not even a year was completed in Meerut, that’s why three people were killed in an encounter. After completion of training in 1985, the first posting was done at Delhi Gate Meerut. Since then the process of encounter was going on.

Many actors including Randeep Hooda are playing important roles

Actor Randeep Hooda is playing the role of Avinash Mishra in this web series Inspector Avinash. Whereas actress Urvashi Rautela is playing the role of Avinash Mishra’s wife. Apart from Randeep Hooda, Urvashi Rautela, Amit Syal, Abhimanyu Singh, Shaleen Bhanot, Freddy Daruwala, Rahul Mitra and Adhyayan Suman will also be seen in this web series. The trailer of this web series was released a few days back. Which was being liked a lot. In this, Randeep Hooda playing the role of Avinash Mishra was seen in tremendous action mode. Randeep’s robe and encounter specialist’s style was also very much liked by the audience. Currently Inspector Avinash web series has been released on OTT platform on 18th May.

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