Speed ​​trial run of electric loco completed on new rail line from Ghazipur City to Sonwal

Speed ​​trial run of electric loco completed on new rail line from Ghazipur City to Sonwal
Amitesh Singh, Ghazipur: A successful speed trial of electric locos on the 9.600 km long new rail line from Ghazipur City to Sonwal took place on Friday evening. The maximum speed of electric loco engine recorded on this track was 75 km. Earlier, diesel engine trial has been done on this track. RVNL’s PD (Project Director) Jeevesh Thakur and GPT Infra Project Vice President Ashwani Kumar along with their entire team inaugurated the electric engine trial run by breaking coconut amid Vedic chants before the trial on platform number one of City Railway Station on Friday. .

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This trial run was completed using the electric engine of Shabdbhedi Express. During this, the engine covered the entire journey in 27 minutes at a speed of 75 km. For the trial, the electric loco was sent for the trial from the city station at 5.46 pm. The loco traveled in 13 minutes and reached Sonwal station at 5.59 pm. Starting from Sonwal at 6.8 minutes, the engine reached City station after 14 minutes at 6.22 minutes.

A large number of people from the surrounding areas had reached to see the speed trial of this electric loco. It may be known that on March 11, a successful trial run of the diesel engine of this rail line was done. According to railway officials, the construction of the first phase of this project is to be inspected by the Railway Safety Commissioner in April itself. It is believed that the Prime Minister will dedicate this project to the public very soon. After which, through this rail route, people of Ghazipur and nearby areas will be able to travel to places like Kolkata in less time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of this project on 14 November 2016.

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