Search continues for Abdul Kavi, the shooter of Atique Ahmed

Search continues for Abdul Kavi, the shooter of Atique Ahmed
Ashok Vishwakarma, Kaushambi: After Bhakhanda village in search of fugitive Abdul Kavi, the shooter of Rajupal murder accused Atiq Ahmed, on the second day, the police also conducted a search operation in Sasural Kataiya village. The police had received information that he was living secretly at his in-laws’ house. Abdul Kavi was not found, but like in his native village Bhakhanda, a large number of arms and cartridges were recovered from his in-laws house. During this, two women and three men including Abdul Kavi’s father-in-law have been detained for questioning. The police claim that the fugitive is still being hidden as before, in which not only Kataiya but the people of Majra village are helping.

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Under the leadership of Superintendent of Police Kaushambi Brijesh Srivastava, the police, which reached Kataiya village, conducted a house-to-house search operation. The SP claims that he had taken refuge in his in-laws house due to increasing pressure from the police in his native village Bhakhanda. In this, not only the in-laws Kataiya but also the people of Majra village are included as helpers. It is clear from the licensed gun found from the in-laws’ house during the search that these people must have been involved in criminal incidents as well. Out of 13 weapons from the spot, 8 are licensed, 54 cartridges 315 bore, 65 cartridges 312 bore and 65 hollow. Those taken into custody for questioning include Mohd Avesh, Liaquat Ali, Irfan, Tabassum husband Mannan and Samsun Nisha husband Liaquat.

Announcement of reward of one lakh rupees

The SP announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh on the fugitive. Also said that in this search operation conducted on Saturday, suspicious houses of the village including Abdul Kavi’s in-laws were searched. Seeing the police in the village, silence spread among the villagers, people were seen lurking in their homes.

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