Sambhal Love Jihad: Ajay became a decree, implicated the woman of Motihari… Case of love jihad came up in Sambhal

Sambhal Love Jihad: Ajay became a decree, implicated the woman of Motihari… Case of love jihad came up in Sambhal
Careful: In Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal, a young man changed his name and trapped a woman in the trap of love. drove him out of the house. Took to Chandigarh. Have a physical relationship. When the woman came to know about the reality of the boy, she was shocked. He reached before the police and demanded action. The police tried to cover up by telling the case of a woman from another state. Then the matter reached the Hinduist organizations. Members associated with the organization reached the police station. After this his application was taken. The woman is a resident of Motihari in Bihar. At the same time, the youth is a resident of Muhammadpur Babai village of Baniyather. This matter has now become a matter of discussion.

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Changed name and trapped in love trap

A case has come to light on a Muslim youth of Sambhal who changed her name to a Hindu woman and ensnared her in Premjal. There has been an uproar since then. A young man named Farman impersonated as Ajay and trapped the woman of Motihari. Actually, by keeping the name Ajay, Farman used to set up a groundnut stall near his village. He trapped the woman in the web of his love. On March 28, the young man asked her to go with him. The woman brought with her seven and a half lakh rupees in cash and jewellery. The woman fled with him and reached Chandigarh.

The young man took him and kept him at Jumia Road, Chandigarh. There the woman came to know Ajay’s real name. When she saw her name Farman in the Aadhaar card, she was shocked. On enquiry, Farman thrashed him. raped her. When informed to the police, the young man fled to his village with his money and jewelry. Farman’s accomplice Vikas told his real name and address in Jumia Road itself.

Fight with woman in the village

The woman reached her village at 6 am on 18 May. The woman alleged that Farman, her father, brother and other family members assaulted her. Threats to kill. Farman said that you and your son will be cut and thrown away. The woman who reached the police station regarding the matter was disappointed with the police. Station in-charge Rakesh Kumar says that the incident does not belong to his police station area. It is a matter of Bihar, so the case will be registered there. The information of the matter reached the Hinduist leaders. They reached the police station and started demanding registration of a case against the accused in Baniyather police station.

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