Ram Manohar Lohia Institute: ‘Lock’ on the help of the poor in Lohia Institute, no one got help for the last six months

Ram Manohar Lohia Institute: ‘Lock’ on the help of the poor in Lohia Institute, no one got help for the last six months
Lucknow:Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences has financially locked the patients’ assistance fund. From the fund, assistance up to Rs 25,000 was provided to the needy patients for their treatment. Alam is that no patient has got help for the last six months. In such a situation, the needy patients who do not come under the purview of any government scheme are getting worried.

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In the year 2016, the aid fund was established in the Lohia Institute. The institute had deposited Rs 2 crore as corpus fund. The needy were helped with the interest earned from it. Under the system, a proposal is sent by the head of the department to the institute administration and after permission, help is provided to the patient, but for the last six months no attention is being paid to the proposals being sent by the departments. Patients have to bear the cost of treatment on their own in case the institute is not benefited from any government scheme. Many a times, after the death of serious patients kept on ventilator, the bodies are given to the family members only after due payment. The fund was specially created to help such patients.

free treatment is over

Earlier there was facility of free treatment in the hospital block of Lohia Sansthan. Patients had to pay a fee only in superspeciality departments. At the same time, now the institute has implemented the fee in the hospital block as well. In such a situation, the facility of free treatment has been completely stopped. Economically weak patients also have to pay charges ranging from investigation, medicine, surgery to beds on admission.

earlier payment pending

Lohia’s CMS Dr. Rajan Bhatnagar told that he had seen the file in the relief fund four to five months back. On getting a lot of pendency, the file was sent to the director for approval. Due to this the payment has stopped. Also, the process of re-registration in chit fund society was also pending. Now the process is over. In such a situation, patients will start getting facilities as soon as the files are approved from the director’s level.

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