People used to vacate the road after hearing the name of Atiq Ahmed, that status of sword-like mustache has vanished today.

People used to vacate the road after hearing the name of Atiq Ahmed, that status of sword-like mustache has vanished today.
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New Delhi: Phala dhara hatwa do, naam katwa do sir… At one time, Atiq Ahmed had said in an open forum that people come to me to get all these done. He used to roar about ‘power in the stick’. In Prayagraj, people used to get confused whenever he talked about his Kareli area. A few years ago, after being released from jail, when he got a chance to speak on the stage, he said that he had been an MLA five times, a Member of Parliament. Got respect and fame. Allah gave strength in the stick also. On hearing this, the people present there started clapping. When Atiq became a Member of Parliament, his discussions started going up to Delhi, but in Prayagraj, neither any policeman nor any leader would dare to take action against him. Just understand that the person who made a century of allegations has been punished for the first time today. A section of the society used to call him ‘Atiq Sahab’. Such people used to trust Ateeq more than themselves that whatever happens, they will take care of everything. Congress MP Imran Pratapgarhi had once said this from his heart from the stage. But today the parrots have flown away. Time has changed. The status of Atiq Ahmed, who has a sword-like moustache, and who wraps white cloth on his head, is in the air. The stars have gone completely into the ‘black hole’, not in gardish, from where it is impossible to come out. He formed a gang, became a mafia, politics even reached the Lok Sabha in order to create caste equations, but the wheel of time turned in such a way that now he will have to spend his whole life in jail.

Atiq was staring at the slogans of hanging

Today, when he was produced in the MP-MLA court in Prayagraj to be sentenced, he was silent. He looked a little confused to the people standing nearby. Today he is being spit on everywhere but there was a time when Atiq Ahmed’s tuti used to speak in Allahabad. Atiq also wanted that his terror should remain. Today, while being taken to the court, when Atiq Ahmed Murdabad slogans were being raised, there was noise of hanging, hanging, then he was slowly turning his head and looking at those people who were raising slogans. As if you are understanding what happened from what while watching. This was the city where people feared by the name of Atiq Ahmed. The roads used to become empty on hearing the name. Those who were going used to stand on the side. This was when he used to be a public representative. Today people are openly expressing their anger in front of him.

Imran Pratapgarhi had recited ballads in praise of Atiq Ahmed a few years ago. At that time the mafia don was also sitting on the dais. Imran said that he used to hear good and bad things about Mr. Atiq. Yet this poet while praising Atiq said that many people are trying to be like him. Don’t know what Imran was talking about becoming. People take inspiration to become engineers, doctors, actors, IAS, but this poet was openly reciting poetry on the alleged trend of becoming a mafia. He said, ‘This is the claim of a poet, it will never be cancelled. Now no one will be equal to your stature. People of Allahabad, remember my words. There will be no Atiq Ahmed for many centuries. After today’s decision maybe Imran Pratapgarhi will revise that shayari on Ateeq Ahmed.

Everyone is scared… Ateeq started crying

Everyone is scared... Ateeq started crying

Today, the court convicted Atiq Ahmed, Dinesh Pasi and Hanif in the Umesh Pal kidnapping case and sentenced them to life imprisonment. Years ago, when Atiq used to be the Lok Sabha MP from Phulpur, people used to salute his convoy. The twin hoses peeping from his Tata Sumo used to create fear. This Terror was born from his exploits. Our reporter Shivpujan Singh, who was present during the court appearance in Prayagraj today, told that there were many people who recorded Atiq Ahmed on camera, who were not from the media. Atiq’s moustache’s charm was less visible. While coming from Gujarat, he was also seen taunting his moustache. When reporters asked are you scared? So he had said in Allahabadi style – why fear. Today, after hearing the verdict of the court, it came to know that Atiq started crying holding Ashraf.

What is a riot? Ateeq told

What is a riot?  Ateeq told

Once, Atiq had said from the stage that when Mulayam Singh’s government is in power, then Muslims walk on the road with their chest stretched out and when Mayawati or BJP’s government is there, then you live in your house in silence. When you (Muslims) walk with your chest held high, others get annoyed and that’s why riots happen. Not only this, he said that whenever there is a SP government in UP, Muslims are sure that justice will be done to them.

Then threatened from the stage, stop the king-queen

Then threatened from the stage, stop the king-queen

Once there was a program in Pratapgarh. Atiq Ahmed was out of jail. He said, ‘I was in jail, in big trouble. Our people said that you should contest from Pratapgarh. People of the district visited us in large numbers in the jail. Further, Atik said that we have always wanted to connect with Pratapgarh. Even today we have this tension in our mind that this is known by the name of Raja and Rani and you are the ones who make people known. He was directly telling the public like this. Saying Raja-Rana, his reference was to the ‘Kunwar and Rajkumari’ leaders who won the elections from there. Ateeq further says that when you see, you come to know that Fala Raja Saheb is coming, Fala Rani Sahiba is coming. Now stop this name of king and queen. Now the king-queen is born from the ballot paper. These are the words of a person who had many cases including murder registered against him. Today the days have come that he is requesting the court to send him back to Sabarmati Jail away from Prayagraj. He is also afraid of going to Naini jail, which means today Atiq Ahmed himself is in fear. His sun has set.

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