Note Exchange: Huge confusion in changing Rs 2000 note, read this report before going to the bank

Note Exchange: Huge confusion in changing Rs 2000 note, read this report before going to the bank
Akhand Pratap, Ghaziabad: It has been said by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that no KYC will be required to exchange Rs 2,000 notes, yet the lead bank managers of the district are repeatedly saying that KYC Without notes there will be no exchange. Because of this, there is a state of confusion in the public. KYC was not taken in some banks on Wednesday, mainly SBI (SBI) and Punjab and Sind Bank. Except these, forms are also being filled along with KYC in all the banks.

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Bank officials say that till there is no circular regarding this from their bank’s headquarter, 2000 rupees notes will be changed along with KYC. Because the software of the system has been designed like this. In this, the system moves forward only after the person getting the note changed fills the KYC. Therefore, first the software will have to be updated to exchange Rs 2,000 notes without KYC. Only after this, Rs 2,000 note will be exchanged without KYC. Lead bank manager Himanshu Tiwari says that instructions have been issued by the RBI to change the Rs 2,000 note without KYC. Now gradually banks are adopting it. Soon, the system of changing Rs 2,000 notes without KYC will start in all banks, their software will also be updated, then the public will not have to fill any form.

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The way the 2 thousand rupee note was changed on Tuesday. The same situation was seen on Wednesday as well. No significant crowd was seen in the SBI branch of the Collectorate. Notes were being exchanged without KYC. While Kotak Mahindra of Navyug Market, forms were being filled to exchange the note at Bank of Baroda. Notes were being changed in Punjab and Sind Bank without KYC.

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