Noida News: Colored hands and feet found in drain, sensation created in the area, know what the police said

Noida News: Colored hands and feet found in drain, sensation created in the area, know what the police said
Noida: A sensational case like Shraddha murder case in Delhi has also come to the fore from Noida. Like everyday, the sweepers had gone out to clean the drains on Thursday. During the cleaning of the drain in Sector-8, human organs were found in it. Two claws of the feet and a severed hand were found in the drain. The sweepers immediately informed the local police outpost about this. On information, the forensic team reached with the Phase-1 police station, kept the human organs in a kit and sent them for postmortem. The color of Holi is applied on the severed hands and feet. It is suspected that these organs belong to a woman. The dead body has been disposed of after killing.

According to the police, even after searching a lot in the drain, the police could not find the rest of the body. It is not easy for the police to investigate to whom the toes and severed hands belong. The circumstances in which the human organs were found are raising many questions. The police has started solving these questions. The CCTV cameras around the place where human organs have been found are being checked first. Police say that only after the postmortem report comes, it will be clear whose body is female or male. About a week old human organs are being told. It has completely melted in the drain. Experts believe that with the help of CCTV footage, a big success can be achieved in this case.

If you come flowing in the drain, then the organs would have been far away.

The police recovered the claws of both the feet together and a severed hand a few feet away from there. If the pieces of organs come flowing in the drain, they would be far away. The recovered organs are also said to be a week old. The police has started solving the mystery of this case. The postmortem report is awaited. The forensic team is also investigating on the basis of both the recovered claws and the severed hand.

Police will investigate the complaints of missing

Recovering the head and torso of the dead body with the help of toes and severed hand is a big challenge for the police. Police officials say that first of all the missing complaints of the missing people from the surrounding areas will be investigated. Police will try to reach the bottom by connecting the recovered human organs with the missing persons. Looking at the case, it is feared that after killing, the dead body has been thrown into pieces to hide it.

What did the station in charge say

Station in-charge Phase-1 Brajbhushan Dubey said that two toes recovered from the drain and one hand had a light color of Holi. The footage of the nearby CCTV cameras is being scrutinised. Whose organs belong to the woman or the man, it will be clear only after the post mortem report. The complaints of missing registered in the last few days are also being looked into.

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