Noida: 2000 notes of 10.25 crore reached the banks on the first day … such a situation was seen in the branches

Noida: 2000 notes of 10.25 crore reached the banks on the first day … such a situation was seen in the branches
Noida: ‘Come on brother, now even the 2000 note should be bid farewell.’ People queuing up in banks were seen saying such things on Tuesday. According to the RBI circular, Rs 2,000 notes were exchanged in 570 bank branches in the district on Tuesday. There was silence in the banks since morning, but after noon the crowd started gathering. 2 thousand notes were changed in different banks in different ways. Many people deposited notes in ATMs. According to the data received late in the evening, on Tuesday (the first day), two thousand notes worth Rs 10.25 crore were deposited in the district. Of these, Rs 8 crore was deposited in the bank account while Rs 2.25 crore was exchanged.

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There are 570 branches of 35 banks in Gautam Budh Nagar. Lead bank manager Vidur Bhalla told that there are about 3.75 crore notes of Rs 2000 in the district ie Rs 750 crore. These notes will be exchanged or deposited in banks by 30 September. People were seen depositing pink notes in banks at all places including Sector 18, Sector 16, Sector 15, Sector 22, Sector 2. Different banks had different rules for exchanging Rs 2,000 notes. Notes were exchanged in the State Bank of India located in Sector 44 without filling the form and submitting the ID. Notes were changed in Punjab National Bank only by filling the form. Different forms were given to exchange notes in many other banks including HDFC Bank, Union Bank, Canara.

To avoid the hassle of filling the form, people were seen depositing Rs 2,000 notes in the deposit machine. Apart from this, in many banks including PNB located in Sector 104, a counter has been set aside for exchanging Rs 2,000 notes at their convenience. Punjab National Bank Association Uttar Pradesh Assistant General Secretary Utkarsh Singh said that there was a lot of crowd in the banks on the first day. Apart from the counter, people are also depositing Rs 2,000 notes through deposit machines.

‘If you have less money, deposit it in the deposit machine’

Lead bank manager Vidur Bhalla said that as soon as the circular was issued, the banks and ATMs had stopped receiving Rs 2,000 notes. At present, the facility of depositing Rs 2,000 notes is being given in the deposit machine. After lunch, crowd started gathering in banks to exchange 2 notes. There was a crowd of people till the bank closed. Ramkumar, a resident of Sector 31, told that it was lunch in the office, so in the meanwhile I have come to the bank to deposit my notes. People who reached some banks located in Sector 18 told that if there are not more than two thousand notes, then deposit machines are being asked to deposit them.

Customer’s own problems, complaints

Bharti Negi, who came to deposit the 2000 note, said that repeatedly coming to the bank causes trouble. I went to the bank in the morning itself, but the cashier was not there. That’s why I had deposited the money in the deposit machine itself. At the same time, Amit Singh told that RBI has given 4 months time to change the 2000 note, which is sufficient. I have exchanged all my notes from the bank on the very first day itself. There was no problem.

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