Noida: 2000 note and price of 1600 to 1800 rupees… Why did the price of pink notes fall?

Noida: 2000 note and price of 1600 to 1800 rupees… Why did the price of pink notes fall?
Raghav Tiwari, Noida: Instead of depositing it in the bank in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, some people are throwing 2000 thousand notes in the market. Many traders are also taking advantage of this. Conditions like considering the price of Rs 2,000 note in the market as Rs 1,600 to 1,800, taking goods worth Rs 2,000 at some places and wherever an agreement is reached, conditions are prevailing. On the other hand, in the jewelery market, a commission of 5 to 10 thousand rupees is being charged for taking one weight of gold ornaments and paying in 2000 thousand notes. Many traders are telling the reason behind this that we will also exchange pink notes of people by standing in lines in banks, which will cause problems. For this reason, some are taking pink notes for less. Actually, a rule has been made to take 10 2000 notes at a time in banks. Forms are being made to be filled by those depositing money in many banks. In such a situation, those who have deposited more money are seeing it as an option to spend in the market.

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Ever since the RBI issued a circular to phase out these pink notes, they have lost their sheen. In the markets, especially the small traders have now reduced the price of pink notes from Rs 200 to Rs 400. People are taking Rs 2,000 notes in the market, but are giving only Rs 1,600 to Rs 1,800 items to the customers. There is no fixed scale for this. The pink note goes in as much as the deal is done between the shopkeeper and the customers. In such a situation, many customers get into arguments with the shopkeepers.

Customers argue that the Rs 2,000 note has not been demonetised yet. On the other hand, shopkeepers tell people that they will also waste their time by standing in queues in banks. To compensate for which it is compulsion to take pink notes at a lower price. Otherwise, everyone will start giving their pink notes at the shops only. Such stories are being heard in the markets of the entire city.

commission game continues in jewelers market

The traffic has increased in the bullion market by those who consume pink notes. A shopkeeper in Sector-18 market said that earlier people used to pay with credit cards because of the discount on gold and silver jewellery. Now more people have started paying for jewelery with the pink notes that have gone out of circulation. A jeweler told that in order to avoid the flood of 2 thousand notes, many people have fixed a commission of 5 to 10 thousand on the purchase of 10 grams of gold, so that people at least use pink notes on jewelers.

Same situation at petrol pumps

After the decree of demonetisation, a sticker was pasted on the petrol pumps of the city from the very beginning. In which it is written that Rs 2,000 note will work only on buying petrol worth Rs 2,000 or more. The pink note will not be valid for purchases less than this.

Shopkeepers have their own logic

Businessman Naveen Mathur says that earlier people used to pay more online with less cash. Ever since the issue of 2000 note is going on. Most of the people are now going out in the markets only with pink notes. We live on our business every day, so that we cannot make many trips to the banks. That’s why avoid taking 2 thousand notes.

Trader Rahul Singh says that many times people deliberately try to give their Rs 2,000 notes to traders, whereas they can go directly to the bank to exchange or deposit the notes. Do not bother yourself, so we pressurize people to take two thousand notes.

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