Neha Singh Rathaur’s question, ‘Ka Ba in UP’ … Anamika Jain Amber’s answer from the video in Bundelkhandi, ‘Baba in UP’

Neha Singh Rathaur’s question, ‘Ka Ba in UP’ … Anamika Jain Amber’s answer from the video in Bundelkhandi, ‘Baba in UP’
Meerut: Along with the political field of Uttar Pradesh, a conflict is going on on the cultural ground as well. Actually, Bhojpuri singer Neha Singh Rathore released a song recently. In this, questions were raised on the bulldozer action of the Yogi Adityanath government. This bulldozer action by the UP government took place during the campaign to remove encroachments in Kanpur Dehat. During this, the dispute got heated up after a mother and daughter burnt to death in the hut. Based on this, Neha Singh Rathore released the song Ka Ba in UP. After this, the notice of Kanpur police reached singer Neha Singh Rathore. The controversy deepened. Now poet Anamika Jain Amber has come forward in this whole matter. He has released the third season of Baba Songs in UP. In this, she is seen praising the bulldozer model. Also, the bulldozer is justifying the action.

Meerut’s daughter-in-law and international poetess Dr.Anamika Amber has released Part-3 of Bundelkhandi song ‘UP Mein Baba’ on Holi. He released it on YouTube like Neha Singh Rathor’s UP Mein Ka Ba. People are very fond of this song of Anamika. Even before this, Anamik had replied to Neha Singh Rathore’s song UP Mein Ka Ba in UP elections 2022. During this, Bhojpuri superstars Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari also responded to Ka Ba in UP in their own style. Once again Anamika Jain has released the new season of her UP Mein Baba song as soon as the new part of Neha Singh Rathore’s UP Mein Ka Ba arrives.

Both the singers have their own style

Both the singers are getting to see their own style. Neha Rathore is seen showering questions on Yogi and the UP government in her rap style. They raise serious questions about the bulldozer action. On the other hand, Anamika is seen replying to the allegations leveled by Neha through poetry. She is seen praising the action being taken on the gangsters through bulldozers. Regarding the Prayagraj massacre, she says in this song that everyone will be found in the soil, because bulldozers have been attacked.

Anamika Jain is seen talking about Gyanvapi Masjid and Nandi Baba. She gives the message that a faith wins in front of accusations. This belief is in the mind of the people. We have given voice to those feelings. We have dared to call bad bad in our lines. Talking about the lyrics of the song, she says, Humne bade ko bada kaha hai. I said good to good. Listen, never weigh yourself by putting a stake in the country. What was right earlier also was called right.

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