Meerut is also included in the happiness of Oscar for The Elephant Whisperes…

Meerut is also included in the happiness of Oscar for The Elephant Whisperes…
Meerut: Indian cinema has achieved a different position at the international level. For the first time two Indian films have been discussed at the international level. The song ‘Natu-Natu’ from the Indian film ‘RRR’ has been given the Oscar Award in the Original Song category. Whereas, the documentary short film ‘The Elephant Whispers’ was awarded the Gold Medal. It is a golden period for Indian cinema, when two Indian films have been honored at a major international film festival like the Oscar Award. The success of one of these ‘The Elephant Whispers’ has made Meerut proud as well. The reason for this is Ekeshwar Chowdhary.

Ekeshwar Chowdhary has taken over the responsibility of Associate Editor of the film ‘The Elephant Whispers’. His success has brought Meerut’s name to the international platform. Actually, Ekeshwar Chowdhary is originally from Meerut. Ekeshwar Chowdhary’s parents live in Era Colony near Delhi-Dehradun bypass in Meerut. Ekeshwar Chowdhary is based in Mumbai since 2010. His father does farming. Cinema lovers are reaching his house to congratulate his son’s success. Common people are also feeling proud about the success of his son.

Early studies from Meerut

Rakesh Chaudhary, father of Lal Ekeshwar of Meerut told that he has two sons. Ekeshwar is big. The younger son is Kshitij. He told that Ekeshwar studied up to 12th standard from Meerut Translam Academy. After this he completed his graduation from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He then moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in the film industry. Ekeshwar did a creative director’s course at Subhash Ghai’s Film Institute.

Taking an education loan, Ekeshwar studied in Mumbai to fulfill his dreams. He also did a one-year editing course from Mudra Institute, Ahmedabad. I also did a job in Gurgaon, but did not like it. After this, he did an editing course at Subhash Ghai’s institute Whistling Wood, Mumbai.

Ekeshwar also writes the story along with editing

Father Rakesh Chaudhary says that after three years course, he started editing films and serials. Wrote some stories too. He also made a film of his own. Worked on many projects. Ekeshwar’s mother Suman Chowdhary is also proud of her son’s success. He said that many challenges came in front of Ekeshwar as well, but the son did not stop. Just told Ekeshwar on the phone that he is very happy. Ekeshwar’s wife Lakshmi Chowdhary said that ever since the news of this success was received, everyone is happy.

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