Mahoba News: The crusher industry is shutting down in Mahoba, UP, once used to provide employment to thousands of people.

Mahoba News: The crusher industry is shutting down in Mahoba, UP, once used to provide employment to thousands of people.
Pankaj Mishra, Mahoba: The crusher industry of stone commercial city in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh is now on the verge of closure. Due to continuous heavy losses, locks are also hanging in 250 crusher industries at present. The crusher operators have now made preparations to sell the plants of the industries soon.

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Five years back, more than 350 crusher industries were operating in Kabrai of Mahoba district of Bundelkhand region. Stone ballast was supplied from these industries in other states including Kanpur, Lucknow. More than twenty thousand laborers also used to work in these industries. Ten thousand heavy vehicles used to move daily in Kabrai stone market, but for the last few years, silence has started spreading in the stone industries here. Due to huge loss to the operators of crusher industries in Patthar Mandi, now these industries have come to the point of closure. Due to heavy losses after spending crores of rupees in the stone industry, the crusher industry owners have now started removing the plants.

crusher industry started shining in neighboring state mp

Due to the issue of leases of mountains through e-tendering, now royalty prices have also increased, due to which 250 crusher industries have been closed in Kabrai stone industry city of Mahoba. There have been locks in these industries. Other crusher industry operators including Ashok Kumar told that the royalty rates are high in UP, while the royalty rates in the neighboring MP state are very low, that is why heavy vehicles coming to Patthar Udyog Mandi now go towards MP to collect ballast. Not only this, due to falling graph of sale of goods in Patthar Mandi Kabrai, crusher businessmen have closed industries.

crusher industry operators cut the power of the plant

Once upon a time hundreds of crusher industries used to work day and night in the stone industry city of Kabrai, but now silence has spread here due to the closure of 250 crusher industries. The number of vehicles coming to Mandi to collect stones and ballast has reduced, that is why the crusher operators have become defaulters to the electricity department. The electricity of all the industries has been cut. At the same time, 100 crusher businessmen have also cut off the electricity of their plants. Crusher industry operators say that plants were set up by taking loans, which are now rusting. Now even to pay the installments of the bank, he is in trouble.

Thousands of people became unemployed due to the closure of the crusher industry

Due to the closure of hundreds of crusher plants in Patthar Udyog Mandi, a big crisis has deepened in front of more than fifteen thousand laborers here. Thousands of laborers used to work in Patthar Mandi five years ago, but due to the closure of 250 plants, the laborers are upset. All the crusher businessmen from Patthar Nagri have started to set foot towards MP. All the crusher businessmen who are in bank debt are preparing to shift their plants to MP. Businessmen say that five years ago, stoves used to burn in the houses of 20,000 laborers from Kabrai’s stone industry, but now these laborers have become unemployed.

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