Mafia don Brijesh Singh gives us money… What did BJP MLA Deepak Mishra say, watch viral video

Deoria: A controversial video of BJP MLA Deepak Mishra alias Shaka Baba (BJP MLA Deepak Mishra) of Barhaj Assembly constituency of Deoria district (Deoria News) is going viral on social media. In the viral video, the BJP MLA is saying from an open platform at a function that Brijesh Singh, the biggest mafia don of northern India, gives us money. Big industrialists of Deoria also give us money. I got Rs 10 crore in the election. No one has got so much money and votes so far. The MLA is said to have given this statement in a program organized in a school last week.

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Deepak Mishra is BJP’s MLA from Barhaj assembly constituency.

Deepak Mishra Shaka is a BJP MLA from Barhaj Vidhan Sabha in Deoria district. His father late Durga Prasad Mishra has also been an MLA from the same assembly constituency many times and a minister in the state. Durga Mishra was once counted among the strong leaders of BJP. After the establishment of Bharatiya Janata Party, Durga Mishra was elected as the first MLA of BJP in Gorakhpur Mandal. In the last assembly elections, Deepak Mishra was elected MLA from Barhaj on a BJP ticket.

What will the opponents fight? People have given us Rs 10 crore.

In the viral video, Deepak Mishra is taking the mike on stage and saying that Brijesh Singh, the biggest don of northern India, has given me Rs 51 lakh. Sanjay Kanodia, a businessman from Deoria, gives me Rs 51 lakh. Taking the name of another person, the MLA said that he opens his treasury for me and says that he will not let it happen. Why do these people fight with us? People gave me 10 crore rupees by doing like this.

Shaka does not go to the officer’s place, talks on the phone

In the video, the MLA has just said that in the history of Barhaj, Ugrasen Singh, Yadunandan Shukla, Durga Mishra, Prem Prakash Singh, Swaminath, Mohan Singh (all former MLAs and ministers) did not get as many votes as they did. The MLA while speaking in the whole village says that if there is no government meeting, then I don’t even know about Vikas Bhawan. Shaka does not go to any official’s place. He says whatever he wants to say over the phone. The MLA’s statement about money is being discussed a lot in the district.

MLA said people are misinterpreting the statement

In this matter, MLA Deepak Mishra Shaka said that my statement is being misinterpreted. During the elections, people used to tell me that how will you fight with the rich and powerful. Referring to the same things, I said that people gave me money and people voted for me. The blessings of the people here are with me. My character is clean. No allegation has been made against me so far.

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