Live: UP STF reached Gujarat’s Sabarmati Jail to pick up Atique Ahmed, can reach Prayagraj through these routes

Live: UP STF reached Gujarat’s Sabarmati Jail to pick up Atique Ahmed, can reach Prayagraj through these routes
Prayagraj: Preparations have been started to bring accused mafia don Atiq Ahmed from Sabarmati Jail to Prayagraj in the Umesh Pal murder case. The Uttar Pradesh STF team suddenly reached Gujarat on Sunday. UP STF team came to Sabarmati Jail with a convoy of vehicles. From there there is talk of bringing Atiq Ahmed to Prayagraj by road. We have to interrogate mafia don Atiq Ahmed in the Umesh Pal murder case. The gang members including Atik Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen, brother Ashraf, third son Asad Ahmed have been accused of killing Umesh Pal. It is being claimed that the entire conspiracy of the murder was hatched by Atiq Ahmed in Sabarmati Jail. Atiq had given the responsibility of carrying out this massacre to his wife Shaista Parveen. Shaista was in direct contact with the killers of Umesh Pal. Umesh Pal was the main witness in the former MLA Raju Pal murder case. Atiq Ahmed and his accomplices were accused of killing Raju Pal. In 2006, Atiq gang had also kidnapped Umesh Pal in this case and made him testify in his favor. Atiq Ahmed is now surrounded by this matter. Recently raids were conducted in Atiq’s barrack in Sabarmati Jail. Now preparations have started for him to go from Sabarmati Jail to Prayagraj district. Many apprehensions have also been expressed about his being brought by road.

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Verdict in Umesh Pal kidnapping case to come on March 28

The decision of the MP-MLA court against Atiq Ahmed in the 2006 Umesh Pal kidnapping case is yet to come. Regarding this matter, the team of UP Police and STF has reached Sabarmati Jail. On March 28, Atiq Ahmed is to be presented in the MP MLA court of Prayagraj during the pronouncement of the verdict. The news is coming quoting sources that at any time after Sunday afternoon, the UP Police team can leave Sabarmati Jail with Atiq Ahmed. UP police has come to Sabarmati jail with production warrant. Paperwork is being completed inside the jail. After the completion of the paperwork, the police will leave regarding the encroachment. This journey can take 26 to 28 hours.

Prisoner vehicle reached Sabarmati Jail, Atiq Ahmed will come from this

Atiq can be brought to Prayagraj via Jhansi route

Atiq Ahmed can be brought from Sabarmati jail to Prayagraj through Jhansi route. Atiq Ahmed will reach Prayagraj after crossing the border of three states. After passing through Gujarat, Rajasthan will enter the border of Uttar Pradesh via Madhya Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh, it is likely to reach Prayagraj via Jhansi via Banda. It may take about 25 to 26 hours to complete this journey. These 26 hours are going to be very challenging for Ateeq Ahmed.

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