Kashi was shaken by bullets 32 years ago… Awadhesh Rai murder case, in which Mukhtar Ansari will be punished on June 5

Kashi was shaken by bullets 32 years ago… Awadhesh Rai murder case, in which Mukhtar Ansari will be punished on June 5
Varanasi: The difficulties of the jailed mafia and former MLA Mukhtar Ansari are not taking the name of abatement. The bulldozer of the Yogi government is roaring on the black empire built on the power of fear. Along with this, decisions are also coming in old cases. These include the famous Awadhesh Rai murder case of Varanasi, on which the MP-MLA court of Varanasi has completed the hearing. Now the decision on the matter is to come on June 5. What is this matter of 32 years ago, let us know.

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Mukhtar Ansari became active in the world of Jarayam in his youth. He came into limelight for the first time in 1988 by killing Mandi Parishad contractor Sachchidanand Rai in Ghazipur. Together with friend Sadhu Singh, he started growing in contracting and crime. Meanwhile, Tribhuvan Singh and Brijesh Singh became determined with the gang regarding the contracts. Tribhuvan’s brother Rajendra Singh was also murdered because of this.

Mukhtar kept climbing the stairs of crime one by one. Along with Ghazipur, he started increasing his influence in Chandauli, Varanasi, Mau. On 3 August 1991, Awadhesh Rai was murdered outside his house in Lahurabir, Varanasi. Armed criminals killed Awadhesh by firing bullets without giving him a chance to recover. Younger brother Ajay Rai was also there at the time of the incident. Chetganj police station is just a short distance from where the murder took place.

Awadhesh was taken to the hospital but could not be saved. On behalf of Ajay Rai, named accused Mukhtar Ansari, former MLA Abdul Kalam, Bhim Singh, Kamlesh Singh and Rakesh were made in this case. During the hearing of the case, it was found in June 2022 that the original case diary itself was missing. Case diaries were searched from Varanasi to Prayagraj. Original case diary not found. Police has registered a case in this matter. Mukhtar Ansari was accused of using his influence to make the original case diary disappear.

Last year, Ghazipur’s MP-MLA court sentenced former MLA of Mau and jailed Mafia Mukhtar to 10 years of imprisonment while giving verdict on gangster’s case including murder case. During this, a fine of Rs 5 lakh has also been imposed on Mukhtar Ansari.

Mukhtar Ansari and Awadhesh Rai

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