Jayant Chaudhary: Alliance with SP will continue in 2024, but strong political front against BJP is needed, said Chaudhary Jayant in Amroha

Jayant Chaudhary: Alliance with SP will continue in 2024, but strong political front against BJP is needed, said Chaudhary Jayant in Amroha
Amroha: National President of Rashtriya Lok Dal Party (RLD) Chaudhary Jayant Chaudhary reached Naugawan Sadat of Amroha district on Wednesday on the second day of harmony campaign. While addressing the public meeting, Chaudhary Jayant Singh said that the state government is working to make people fight among themselves. Distances were created between people, while former Prime Ministers Chaudhary Charan Singh and Chaudhary Ajit Singh spoke of brotherhood. He never talked about caste-community. The RLD president has said that his alliance with the Samajwadi Party will continue in the Lok Sabha elections as well. Said that the need of the hour is to form a political front against the BJP across the country.

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During the harmony campaign, Chaudhary Jayant held meetings at various places and said that the state and central government are not concerned about farmers, laborers and youth, so they did not increase the price of sugarcane. Did not give employment to the youth. Both the governments were formed by inciting the sentiments of the people and fighting with each other, but now the public has understood everything. Chaudhary Jayant Singh will go to 1500 villages of UP under Samarsta Abhiyan. Jayant himself will knock in all the villages. Will talk about brotherhood. Will communicate directly with farmers and workers.

On Wednesday itself, Chaudhary Jayant went to village Kel Bakri and made a political attack on Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a public meeting. Said that the CM talked about giving employment to four crore youths, but no one got employment. The youth is upset.

demonetisation conspiracy of 2000

Chaudhary Jayant Singh said that behind the closure of Rs 2000 note, the government’s intention is to divert the attention of the public from its failure. According to BJP’s claim, the income of farmers has doubled in 2022 itself. He asked the farmers by raising their hands whether their income has doubled.

BJP does not believe in democracy

Chaudhary Jayant Singh said that bringing an ordinance against the decision given by the Supreme Court for the rights of the AAP government in Delhi was a mockery of law and democracy. BJP does not believe in democracy. She is adopting dictatorial attitude, which is fatal for the country. He extended his support to the wrestlers’ dharna at Jantar Mantar and said that under the pressure of the government, no action is being taken against Brij Bhushan Singh by the police and the government.

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