Gorakhpur Triple Murder: The daughter for whose rights she killed her husband and two sons testified

Rajat Bhatt, Gorakhpur: The wife had killed two sons and husband on Saturday night in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. When the police interrogated the daughter, she told the whole truth. The daughter told that I was asleep and the sound was coming from the other room. When I got up and left, mother had a knife in her hand and she was stabbing father’s throat. Let us tell you that there used to be a dispute between husband and wife regarding property. The wife wanted to make the daughter a sharer in the property, while the husband was not ready.

The dispute going on for months took the form of death

When Awadhesh, a resident of Sehbazganj of Sahajanwa, married Neelam for the second time after the death of his first wife, Neelam’s 12-year-old daughter also came with him. However, little did Awadhesh know that he and both his sons would be murdered for the division of the property. The villagers told that Awadhesh had left home a week before the incident. Then it was Neelam who lodged a complaint with the police. After which Awadhesh came home only a week later. Awadhesh and Neelam used to fight for months. Neelam said that our daughter should also have an equal share in the property.

Daughter said when I got up, mother was stabbing father.

The day Neelam was killing her husband Awadhesh and two step sons by slitting their throats. That day Neelam’s daughter also slept there, but Neelam killed her husband and two step-sons and did nothing to her daughter. When the police interrogated the daughter, she told that when there was a sound in the room, suddenly I woke up and saw that the mother was stabbing the father’s throat and had already killed Aryan and Aarav. I was also scared, but mother calmed me down.

Neelam said marriage was done at the behest of relatives

Neelam said that I do not regret what I did. I married Awadhesh at the behest of relatives. Neelam’s sister-in-law’s husband was a relative of Awadhesh. This marriage was fixed at his behest. Neelam said that I had a daughter after the death of the first husband and Awadhesh also had two sons after the death of the first wife. I thought life would be better after getting married, but Awadhesh used to have wrong intention on my daughter and used to talk about giving only property to his own sons.

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