Ghaziabad: How was Rahul killed? Police arrested two accused friends, still 2 absconding

Ghaziabad: How was Rahul killed?  Police arrested two accused friends, still 2 absconding
Modinagar: Suspense remains in the case of the murder of youth Rahul in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The police have arrested 2 people for the murder of the youth. DCP Ravi Kumar says that 4 people were involved in the murder. 2 have been arrested. Why the murder was done, the police is probing it. Police said that on May 17, the body was found in Bhadola Rajwahe village of Bhojpur, which was identified as Rahul Kumar, a resident of Fazalgarh. Rahul was a driver on a transport vehicle and had left his job and came to the village to get the house constructed. Father Brahmanand had filed a report against two youths of the village.

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On May 16, before leaving the house at night, Rahul had received a call from someone and he had left with the money kept in the house for the construction of a house. On Saturday, the police arrested Karan alias Cheeku and Rajendra. Police said that apart from these two accused, two more youths were involved in the murder. All four drank alcohol together with Rahul. There was some argument between the five regarding drinking alcohol and in a state of intoxication, all four together stoned Rahul to death.

dead body thrown in Rajwaha

After the murder, the four threw the dead body in the Rajwaha. It was told that the absconding accused have hidden the pieces of stone used in the murder, which the arrested accused are not aware of. The DCP says that a police team has been formed to arrest the absconding accused. Soon the accused will be arrested.

death by strangulation

Rahul’s murder was said to be by strangulation from the beginning, but in the revelations, the matter of stoning to death has come to the fore. In this case, the accused are said to be disclosed only in the interrogation. However, the police are yet to nab the two accused. After his arrest, the curtain can rise from the murder case.

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