Ghaziabad: Fake BP Medicine network spread from UP to Delhi NCR! Patients can die

Ghaziabad: Fake BP Medicine network spread from UP to Delhi NCR!  Patients can die
Ghaziabad: The pharmaceutical department has come into alert mode after the business of spurious BP (blood pressure) medicine was exposed in Govindpuram. In the department’s investigation so far, it has been found that the network of suppliers of fake BP medicines is spread from UP to Delhi-NCR and many other states. On the other hand, the Chemist and Drugs Welfare Association says that there should be a complete inquiry into how the license of the manufacturers of spurious drugs was made. So that other people connected to this network can also be traced. On the other hand, Physician Dr. RP Singh says that taking fake medicine of BP does not benefit the patient in the disease, in such a situation, if the BP suddenly becomes low or high, then the life of the patient can also be lost.

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The Drugs Department on Wednesday raided a chemist shop named Sunrise Pharma located at Kailashpuram in Govindpuram and seized spurious medicines from there. After the arrest of store operator Gunjan Gupta and her accomplice Shahbaz, it was revealed that both of them were not only manufacturing spurious medicine in the name of Telma King in place of Telma, but were also supplying it to many other districts of UP including Ghaziabad.

investigate the matter seriously

DP Rana, President of Chemist and Drugs Welfare Association, says that in the investigation it has been found that the arrested accused has been arrested earlier in the case of similar fake medicine, yet how did he have a license for drugs? Who were the people who helped in making it? This should also be seriously investigated. So that the lives of patients are not at risk due to such medicines in future.

scanning the entire network

The Department of Pharmaceuticals is trying to investigate the network of people involved in the business of making fake medicines. Drug Inspector Uroj Kumar said that two more suspects are being searched in this case. It is feared that the accused who have been arrested were manufacturing and selling spurious medicines in the name of a registered company for a long time.

Many more faces will appear

Based on the complaint of the registered company, the Pharmaceutical Department Ghaziabad and Noida have taken joint action and busted the business of spurious medicines. According to the drug inspector, many more people may be involved in this gang. He told that the matter is being thoroughly investigated, soon this entire gang will be exposed.

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