Ghaziabad: BJP leader and his sister were made unconscious, looted lakhs from the house… on whom is the needle of suspicion?

Ghaziabad: BJP leader and his sister were made unconscious, looted lakhs from the house… on whom is the needle of suspicion?
Rajendra Nagar: A case of robbery has come to light from the house of a Bharatiya Janata Party leader in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The domestic servant, along with his colleagues, sedated the BJP leader and his sister and searched the house. Ran away after stealing jewellery, cash, two mobile phones and other items worth lakhs of rupees from the house. At the time of the incident, the BJP leader and his sister were at home, while the son and daughter-in-law had gone to visit Andaman and Nicobar. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and started the investigation.

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Hariom Kasana, a resident of Rajendra Nagar Sector-3 Block-10, has been associated with BJP for many years and has two schools. His son Lalit Kasana is an advocate and practices at Tis Hazari Court, Delhi. Lalit went to Andaman and Nicobar on Saturday with wife Shweta. Apart from Hariom and his sister Shashi, there was Mahendra Shahi, a servant hired a month ago.

On Monday morning at 6.30 am, the maid who worked in her and equal’s house reached home and saw that the main gate was open. Inside also the doors of all the rooms were open and the lights were on. The bedroom light was off and Hariom Kasana and his sister were lying unconscious on the bed. Seeing this, the maid ran outside screaming and told the whole thing to the family living in the neighboring cottage.

On this, the youth Manav and other people went to Hariom Kasana’s house and they were also stunned to see the condition there. The doors of the cupboards kept in the rooms of the house were open and all the stuff was in disarray. This information was given to Lalit as well as his cousin Balraj Kasana and other relatives living in Sahibabad as well as the police. Many people reached there in no time.

Along with Sahibabad police, crime branch and forensic team also reached and investigated. A team of doctors was called from a nearby hospital, who gave first aid to Hariom Kasana and his sister. Due to the high effect of intoxication, he could not fully regain consciousness till Monday evening. The team of doctors continued to take care of him.

Balraj Kasana, nephew of Hariom Kasana, told that on Monday morning, Lalit and his wife left for home from Andaman as soon as the incident was reported. He said that how much stuff has gone from the house, it will be known only after Hariom Kasana regains consciousness or tells on behalf of Lalit. In this regard, Sahibabad ACP Bhaskar Verma said that the police team has gathered information related to the incident while recovering evidence from the spot.

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