Deoria: Plant saplings, get photographed… then forget crores of dried saplings, this year also a target of 40 lakhs

Deoria: Plant saplings, get photographed… then forget crores of dried saplings, this year also a target of 40 lakhs
Kaushal Kishore Tripathi, Deoria: To make Deoria district green, the plantation drive has been limited to planting saplings and taking photographs only. Plant a tree, click a photo and forget it. It doesn’t matter whether the plant is saved or dry. If we look at the figures of the last 5 years, about 1.5 crore saplings were planted in the district. But even the forest department does not know how many plants are left out of it. This year there is a target to plant about 40 lakh saplings in the district. But the district administration and the forest department do not have any plan for the maintenance of the plants.

About 40 lakh saplings will be planted this year also
Every year lakhs of saplings are planted in the district to make the environment pure. Every department is allotted its target by the government. The target is to plant about 40 lakh saplings this year. In the month of July, saplings are planted on office premises and government lands from the city to the rural areas. From officers to public representatives also take part in planting saplings. But after planting, maintenance is not taken care of, as a result some plants dry up and some are destroyed by animals.

plants died due to lack of maintenance
According to the last 5 years, if we look at the plantation figures of the years, 1117718 saplings were planted in the district in 2018-19, 3933120 in the year 19-20, 2622390 in the year 20-21, 3088598 in the year 21-22 and 3337724 in the year 22-23. Lakhs were spent in paper on the maintenance of these plants. For example, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in the year 2019-20, thousands of trees were planted by organizing a function in Sirvaniya village of Tarkulwa block and saplings are planted there every year. But due to lack of maintenance, not even 10 percent of the plants are left.

According to environment watchdog Vijendra Rai Lovely, saplings are planted by the government departments. But it cannot be maintained. In such a situation, the common people will have to come forward and take an oath to save the plants. Because plants can be saved and the environment can be protected only with the cooperation of the common man.

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