Came home disguised as a mechanic and stabbed to death… The caretaker had conspired to murder the FCI officer’s wife!

Came home disguised as a mechanic and stabbed to death… The caretaker had conspired to murder the FCI officer’s wife!
Lucknow: The wife of an FCI officer was murdered on Friday in Chinhat area of ​​Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, by her caretaker’s friend for protesting against the looting. The conspiracy to rob his mistress was hatched by her care taker along with a friend. On Saturday, after getting concrete evidence, the police arrested the caretaker who conspired for robbery and murder, while his accomplice who carried out the crime escaped by switching off his mobile. Five police teams have been deployed in search of him.

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Anamika (36) lived with husband Adarsh ​​Kumar Singh and two-year-old daughter Chhoti in Bhagwatpur village located in Chhota Bharwara of Chinhat. Muzaffarpur resident Adarsh ​​is working as AG-2 Technical in FCI. Adarsh ​​went to office on Friday. Later in the afternoon, the miscreants barged into the house and stabbed his wife to death. Chinhat police started investigation by registering a case against unknown killers on his Tahrir. ADCP East Ali Abbas told that Anamika was murdered by Virendra Yadav, a resident of Mohammadpur Garhi of Itaunja, a friend of her caretaker Arjun Soni, for opposing the looting. Arjun has also been involved in this conspiracy at every step. He has been arrested.

During interrogation, Arjun told that he used to work at a milk dairy with Virendra. Both used to work together in Sahalag as well. Both were struggling financially due to not getting good work for a long time. When Virendra asked Arjun the target to get the money by committing the crime, he told his boss’s house. Arjun tells Virendra that his boss is an officer in FCI. He has a lot of money. He goes to office in the morning. His wife stays at home with their daughter throughout the day. Seeing the soft target, both the friends targeted Anamika.

According to the plan, on Friday, Virendra reached on the pretext of changing the modem of Jio Fiber and started looting the house. When Anamika protested, he threatened to kill her by showing a knife. Instead of retreating, Anamika confronted him, then he made several attacks on her neck with a knife, causing her to fall on the floor after getting seriously injured. Seeing Anamika injured, Virendra panicked and ran away without looting.

Arjun only damaged the modem
Adarsh, working in FCI, had given a room set on the second floor to Arjun, a resident of Bhauriganj, Paraspur, Gonda, for the safety of his wife and daughter. He lived for free with his wife and two children. Used to pay only electricity bill. Arjun and his wife had to come and go in the entire house as caretakers.

To carry out the incident, Arjun had damaged the modem used for Wi-Fi connection four days ago. After that, Arjun made Virendra a mechanic by asking him to get the modem fixed. Virender got a fake ID card made from the market in the name of Vijay Vikas of a fake technician and messaged Adarsh ​​to come on Friday to fix the modem.

Reiki a day before, incident the next day
Virender did Reiki of Adarsh’s house on Thursday as per the plan. He reached their house in the presence of Arjuna. Checked the modem and told to come on Friday to fix the modem. Arjun had brought Virendra, so Adarsh ​​and Anamika trusted him and allowed him to install the modem. On reaching the house, Virender had done complete homework from entering to exit and absconding.

When Virendra reached near the house on Friday afternoon, Arjun met him there on the road itself. After that Arjun went to his room on the second floor and started monitoring from the terrace itself. Virendra went to Anamika’s room at around 1.30 pm and told the cost of the modem to be Rs 4,500. He had also informed about the matter by calling Adarsh. After that he started looting and killed Anamika in protest.

Cap, mask and one call caught the accused
Whenever Virendra came to do Reiki around Anamika’s house, he kept on wearing a cap and also wore a mask all the time to hide his identity. When the police searched the CCTV footage, the picture of the suspect with the cap was found at the same time on Thursday and Friday afternoon. Along with this, after killing Anamika on Friday, when Virendra ran away from his house, he called Arjun and called him to meet him near the tomb. Arjun met him there. After that Virendra had run away after switching off his mobile. When the surveillance team of the police investigated, the location of both was traced. After that Arjun was caught.

First attacked, then taken to the hospital
Arjun first got his friend to commit the crime at Anamika’s house. When injured, he himself took him along with his family members to Sahara Hospital. When the police started the investigation, he started misleading from the very beginning. He was calling the WiFi person a murderer. Not only this, his friend had thrown his ID card on the spot to mislead the police after the incident. When the police investigated that address, it was found to be fake.

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