ATM Baba Gang: Who was caught and sent to jail, formed a gang with those Mewatis… this big disclosure

ATM Baba Gang: Who was caught and sent to jail, formed a gang with those Mewatis… this big disclosure
Lucknow: A constable posted in Bihar Police sent the miscreants behind the bars, after reaching jail, learned the nuances of theft by cutting ATMs from them. They got those Mewatis mixed with them and created a new ATM Baba gang and started incidents in other states including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. After being caught by the Lucknow police, Bulbul has now given important information about other members of the Mewati gang. Police officers suspect that his absconding wife is also in contact with the Mewatis.

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Sudhir Mishra, a resident of Rivilganj in Saran district of Bihar, was recruited as a constable in Bihar Police in 2005 and started his job from Gopalganj district. After this he kept getting transferred, but he never did his duty properly. He used to disappear for months without notice. In 2014, he was declared a fugitive by the department, after which he was dismissed. After the khaki was removed from the body, Sudhir became the kingpin of the ATM Baba gang and started committing ATM thefts.

Mewati gang used to be his main tool in ATM theft and loot. He had also stolen Rs 35 lakh by cutting the ATM of Khurdahi Bazar in Sushant Golf City area with the help of Mewatis. 12 cases like kidnapping, attempt to murder, theft and robbery are registered against him in other police stations including Sushant Golf City.

Wanted to get rich quick, became a crook

During the police job, the accused Sudhir caught several gangs who cut ATMs and stole them and sent them to jail. An officer involved in the investigation told that Sudhir saw how miscreants cut off ATMs overnight and fill lakhs of rupees in their vault. So he too followed the same pattern. Even during the job, he collected money by doing many incidents.

Fear of contact with Mewatis

The police of Sushant Golf City police station interrogated Sudhir alias Bulbul on remand for three days. The police also got success, but two Mewati involved in the incident and Sudhir’s wife, village head Rekha are still missing. The police have started tracing the location of Rekha on the basis of the contact received from Sudhir’s mobile. Suspecting that he might be at his maternal home, the police went there too, but came empty-handed. Now its location is being found in Rajasthan.

It is feared that he is in contact with the Mewatis. Inspector Shailendra Giri, in-charge of Sushant Golf City police station, says that some clues have been found. On the basis of that, the absconding miscreants are being searched.

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