Atiq Ahmed’s government gunner Ehtesham missing, left police job to join gang

Atiq Ahmed’s government gunner Ehtesham missing, left police job to join gang
Prayagraj: Ehtesham, the official gunner of Mafia Atiq Ahmed, accused in the murder of Raju Pal and Umesh Pal, is said to be missing for a long time. It is being told that Ehtesham went underground only after Atiq went to jail. After this, he was also dismissed from the police service for not attending the police line. It is also said that leaving the police service, Ehtesham has joined Atiq Ahmed’s gang. After the Umesh Pal murder case, he has not appeared in his village, after which the police has started looking for him. Please tell that while being an MP from Phulpur, Atiq Ahmed got the government gunner.

Atiq Ahmed, an accused in Umesh Pal and former MLA Raju murder case, became MP from Phulpur in the year 2004. During this he was provided with security personnel. Ehtesham alias Karim Baba was also one of Atiq’s gunners. In 2005, after Atiq’s name surfaced in the Raju Pal murder case, the police sent him to jail. After this, Ehtesham went missing, don’t know where. He did not even mark his attendance in the Police Lines for several days.

It is said that after Ateeq went to jail, Ehtesham left the police job and started working in Ateeq’s gang. Here, after remaining absent for several days, the police department dismissed him from service. After joining Atik’s gang, he started living less in his village and shifted to some other place. After the Umesh Pal murder case, he did not show up in his village even once.

Investigative agencies are looking for Ehtesham but nothing has been found so far. Actually, the agencies want to collect information about Atiq gang by interrogating Ehtesham. It also wants to know whether Ehtesham has any role in the Umesh Pal shootout case. After all, why hasn’t he appeared anywhere after the incident? Help has also been sought from Kaushambi police regarding Ehtesham. Many secrets of the Atiq gang may come to the fore when Ehtesham comes to the fore, so the investigating agencies are actively searching for Ehtesham.

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