Angad Rai’s close aide Mukhtar Ansari’s problems are not reducing, property worth 10 crores attached

Angad Rai’s close aide Mukhtar Ansari’s problems are not reducing, property worth 10 crores attached
Amitesh Kumar Singh, Ghazipur: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is constantly keeping Mukhtar Ansari and his close ones on the radar. The administration is taking action one after the other on Angad Rai, who was very close to Mukhtar Ansari. Angad Rai is a resident of Sherpur Khurd village under Bhanvarkol police station area. He is currently lodged in Bihar’s Bhabhua Jail in a liquor smuggling case. Angad’s 2 properties were attached in the past. In the same sequence, in compliance with the order of the District Magistrate under the Gangster Act, a joint team of Revenue and Police Department has taken major action on Angad on Sunday.

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Angad Rai’s plot of 1690 square meter area located in Jafarpur, Muhammadabad was confiscated by the Police and Revenue Department team. This plot was bought by Angad Rai in the name of his driver Niranjan Prasad Yadav. Angad Rai was booked under the Gangster Act. Action is being taken one after the other. Just a few days ago, two properties of Angad Rai were attached by the District Administration under the Gangster Act only after the order of the District Magistrate. The value of the plot attached on Sunday has been said to be 3 crore 52 lakhs, while at present its value has been estimated at 10 crores from the market rate.

Before Angad Rai’s property was attached on Sunday, the administration put a notice notice on the plot. After that Munadi was done. The action of attachment was carried out in the presence of SPRA Balwant. On this occasion, CO Muhammadabad Hitendra Krishna, Bhanvarkol Police Station President Satyendra Nath Rai, Muhammadabad Kotwal Ghananand Tripathi, Police Station President Karimuddinpur Vishwanath Yadav and many other police forces were present.

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