After Noida, pieces of severed human organs were found in Delhi too, police scanned more than 200 CCTV footages

After Noida, pieces of severed human organs were found in Delhi too, police scanned more than 200 CCTV footages
Noida: Three days ago in Sector-8, along with the identification of human organs found in the drain, the police is trying to find the clue of the killers. 3 missing cases registered in different police stations of the city, from whose house a woman or a girl was missing. The police had called him on Saturday for identification. However, all the three families refused to recognize the human organs. Now the police is preparing to get the postmortem done on Sunday. Along with this, a decision will also be taken for DNA test. Here, on the other hand, who has thrown these severed organs in the drain, for this the police have seen CCTV footage at more than 200 places.

Meanwhile, in the Sarai Kale Khan area of ​​South East Delhi, information about the discovery of several pieces of human organs in a polythene came on Saturday evening. After this, a 6-member team of Noida Police went to Delhi for investigation. The organs found in Delhi are also being speculated to be of a woman. Along with this a claw has also been found. At the same time, a claw was also found in Noida. ADCP Shakti Mohan Awasthi told that investigation is being done on all points. Further investigation will be carried out on the basis of whatever facts come out.

DCP Noida Harish Chander told that it will be clear from the postmortem report whether these organs belong to a woman or a man or a transgender. Also, the age will also be estimated. DNA test will also be done on the claim of identity. Apart from this, matching will be done by taking information about the missing case in the police stations located on the Noida border area of ​​Delhi. It has also been started. The drain where these organs were found, there is a little forest behind it. The police have also got that place searched, although no other organ was found.

Apart from this, the police is also probing from the angle of transgender. Among the human parts that have been found, paint has been found on the hands and nail polish is applied on the nails. That’s why the police is speculating more that it belongs to a woman or a girl.

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