2 km long line for darshan of Banke Bihari, police lathicharged, 3 devotees fainted

2 km long line for darshan of Banke Bihari, police lathicharged, 3 devotees fainted
Nirmal Rajput, Mathura: Crowd gathered on Sunday to visit Thakur Banke Bihari on the weekend. To control the devotees, the police lathi-charged fiercely. This created a stampede situation. Due to the pressure of the crowd, three devotees fainted. On the other hand, the devotees were seen angry with the lathicharge of the police and were seen questioning the arrangements of the administration.

Police lathicharged

Crowd pressure was seen on Thakur Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan on Sunday. Many people fainted due to suffocation due to overcrowding. Devotees who fainted were brought to a temporary camp in the temple premises and given first aid. Due to the high pressure of the crowd, the arrangements of the police administration also appeared to be collapsed. Police-administration had to resort to lathicharge due to overcrowding on weekends. Due to the lathicharge, resentment was seen among the devotees.

Administration lathicharged to hide the failure

Salu Sharma, who reached to visit Banke Bihari temple, said that no system of administration is visible here. The police lathicharged the devotees. He told that people come here to visit. Due to the misbehavior of the police, a different image is created in the minds of the devotees coming to Vrindavan. Police-administration lathi-charges the devotees to hide their failure.

2 kilometer long line

A girl named Tanu told that there is a long line of 2 kilometers. Devotees are standing in the sun waiting for their turn. The sun is high, so some people of a family who came with us fainted. Barricading has been put up, due to which the system is deteriorating. There is also a lot of crowd and more than one and a half hours have been spent in the line.

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