Uttarakhand Satta Sangram 2022: Arrows coming out of viral audio of politicians, serious questions raised, parties uneasy

Just before the ticket was announced, the purported audio of BJP MLA Rajkumar Thukral has created a stir in politics. In the viral audio, MLAs are talking about a minister and state president of their own government, which has made the party uncomfortable. On the other hand, the MLA has termed the audio as fake and has written a letter to the party’s national president JP Nadda and demanded an inquiry into it, calling it a political conspiracy. He has also given a complaint to the police.


On the other hand, an audio of former CM Harish Rawat, Congress’s strong leader, has gone viral regarding the ticket claim for the Ramnagar assembly seat, in which the party workers of the constituency are clearly refusing to support him if he becomes the candidate. Just before the announcement of the candidates in the assembly elections, the arrows of the controversial audio have started dropping. The ruling BJP is said to be uncomfortable with the arrow of the audio. For the time being, the party has kept silence on this audio.

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Sources associated with the party say that the audio related to MLA Thukral has reached the BJP central leadership and due to this, it is feared that the MLA’s ticket claim will be affected. The party has not yet announced its candidate from Rudrapur seat. In this audio, there are objectionable things about the cabinet minister of the government, the state president and an MLA.

This audio has become an arrow for the opponents to target the BJP, which is being fiercely viral on social media. The party has kept silence on the audio for the time being. Party state spokesperson Suresh Joshi says, I have no idea about the audio. Hence I am unable to comment on this. However, on the pretext of another audio, he is targeting the former Chief Minister a lot.

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