Uttarakhand Election 2022: Sixty candidates will have their eyes crossed or will be out of electoral politics

In the election battle of Uttarakhand, traditional rivals BJP and Congress have bet on candidates above 60 years of age. It is a matter of discussion in the political circles that the voters of these aged leaders who have been made candidates will cross the electoral road or they will be out of electoral politics.


The ruling party in the state, which has given the slogan of sixty par this time, has released a list of 59 candidates. Among them, three cabinet ministers Banshidhar Bhagat, Bishan Singh Chufal and Satpal Maharaj are above 70 years of age. On the basis of his long political experience, the party has fielded him in the election season. Political experts believe that the 2022 election season of these three surmas will be the last bet. If he wins in this, then he will be able to remain active in the politics of the assembly for five years and if he misses then a big question will arise on his political career.

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