Uttarakhand Election 2022: After finalizing Harish Rawat’s ticket from Ramnagar, all eyes are now on Ranjit Rawat

After finalizing the ticket of former Chief Minister Harish Rawat from Ramnagar, all eyes are now on Ranjit Rawat. The speculation of him contesting the elections as an independent or a party has intensified. However, Ranjeet Rawat is still avoiding saying anything.


Ranjeet Rawat has been fully active in Ramnagar after he lost in 2017 by contesting on a Congress ticket. So he hoped that he would win the election from Ramnagar.

There is a discussion that if Ranjit Singh can be a rebel and can also contest as an independent. There is also discussion that he can contest elections by forming a party for 11 contenders. If sources are to be believed, a meeting is going on with the supporters at his Ramnagar residence. On the other hand Ranjit Singh Rawat told that the list which has been released is not official. He will release the official statement only after the official list is released.

There will be a collision between uncle and nephew in Ramnagar

It has now become hot with former Chief Minister Harish Rawat contesting from Ramnagar assembly seat on Congress ticket. This will be the first time that uncle-nephew will contest against each other in Ramnagar seat. Harish Rawat and Dewan Singh Bisht are maternal uncle and nephew.

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The Chief Minister’s face may not have been announced by the Congress in Uttarakhand, but former Chief Minister Harish Rawat is currently the biggest face for the Congress in the entire state. In such a situation, the suspense about Harish Rawat contesting or contesting the election is over. Harish Rawat supporters were already engaged in creating atmosphere in Ramnagar seat. It is a different matter that for Harish Rawat, Ranjit Rawat is coming out as the biggest challenge in Ramnagar seat.

Ranjit Rawat used to be the industrial advisor to the Chief Minister in the previous Ranjeet Harish Rawat government as well as having family ties with Harish Rawat, but after 2017 both of them parted ways. Harish Rawat is contesting from Ramnagar, so this seat became hot for one reason too. BJP’s candidate Diwan Singh Bisht is the nephew of former Chief Minister Harish Rawat. The two relatives have come face to face for the first time. The war of words between the two is going to be interesting during the election campaign. Despite being relatives, both will be seen shooting arrows of words at each other.

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