‘Wife fighting love with Pradhan’… Husband created ruckus, wife said – Husband is defaming her after filing 3 cases

Maharajganj: In Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh, a man has filed a complaint against his wife and village head in the police station. He alleges that the village head has eloped with his wife by luring her with job and money. On the other hand, the man’s wife has rejected all the allegations of her husband. On the contrary, the husband has been accused of defaming her. On Wednesday, outside a guest house in Maharajganj, there was fierce ruckus between the husband-wife and the chief. The police have caught the village head and taken him to the police station.

what is the matter
The person making the allegations has given a tahrir in the police station that a Pradhan of Paniyara area brought his wife away by luring her with money and job. He was looking for both, when he got information about their stay in a guest house in Maharajganj on Wednesday. On this he reached the guest house with his colleagues. He caught his wife and Pradhan red-handed there in an objectionable condition. Angry over the husband’s allegations, the wife said that the complainant was trying to defame her.

The wife, who reached Kotwali, rejected all the allegations of the husband and said that the husband was trying to defame her and was conspiring to implicate the head. He said that the truth is that she is facing 3 cases against her husband. Pradhan had reached the panchayat once or twice, so he is angry with them and is trying to trap them. In this case, on Wednesday, the woman’s husband, along with his colleagues, beat up the wife and the head. Its video has also been made viral by someone on social media.

At the same time, the Kotwali police, after investigation, told that outside the guest house, there was a report of an uproar between husband and wife. The guest house was investigated on the allegation of the husband. The entry of the wife and head is not recorded there. The woman is denying her husband’s allegation and is leveling allegations against him. The police said that she is an adult and can go anywhere. It cannot be stopped by law. No action has been taken in the case. Investigation is going on.

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